A Trip to Remember!

Up up and to the Bahamas!

Flight plans.

We've chosen the Nassau, Bahamas because There's a lot of white beaches, There's many sport and recreation, and It's tropical. To go there you are going to have to fly Delta airlines. First, you go to the airport and get on Delta 1984 to Atlanta at 9:17 am, There's a 3 hour and 3 minute layover, Then get on Delta 467 to Nassau and arrive at 2:27 pm. When you get there Your trusty Toyota Carolla will be awaiting

Your Resort!

Sheraton Beach resort.

You will take your trusty Toyota Corolla to Sheraton beach resort. It is a 4 star resort and has 3 outdoor pools a near white beach and many sport and recreation on site. Your resort will cost you 1,074 dollars a week. the following reasteraunts are included: For breakfeast, Bimini market, For lunch Bimini market or, Dolphin grill, Dinner, Dolphin grill or Amici ,A Trattoria.


There are many sports and recreation things you can do. And all of it is pretty darn close. There is Scuba diving, water skiing, boating, wind surfing, hiking, parasailing, golf, fishing and they are all near or on site.

Hasta la vista Bahamas

Before you leave your paridise make sure you get a souvenier so you can remember where you went forever. You need to head to the airport about 6:30 so you can drop off the car and get in with time to spare. You will get on the plane at 8:50 am. The plane will be Delta 554 and arrive at Atlanta at 11:02 am where you can eat lunch during the 3 hour eight minute layover. Then get on Delta 131 to Austin at 3:36 pm. Ah...Home sweet home. But of course you have to get back to work. So that would be the end of your vacation.


In all you will have spent 3,502 dollars and 80 cents. That means you would have about 1,500 dollars to spare. On travel you will have spent 1,208 dollars and 80 cents. On Lodging you will have spent 1,074 dollars, On Meals you will have spent 170 dollars. On Recreation you will have spent 600 dollars,And for other expenses 450 dollars.