Moving for Human Rights


About 232 million people live outside their country of origin for many reasons. Moving can improve migrants' life conditions, and can also help them realize their human rights. Some of the reasons why people may move are because of food, water, sanitation, climate, and war.This is a problem because it can be tiring, or it can be expensive if you have to take a plane.

Human Rights

A few examples of our human rights are the rights to an education, health, employment, equality, freedom of association, freedom of violence, and most importantly, the right of life. Another important right we have is the right of housing. To be adequately housed means to not be worried about your home being taken away and having access to services, schools, and employment. A home should be a place to live in peace, security, and dignity. This can be an issue because not all people have the same rights.

Moving for Human Rights

Another reason why people might move is because of rights. Some countries aren't as free as others, and people may not like how strict or not as strict their country might be. This global problem could be solved if countries who have this as a major problem took a vote. Then they could collect all of the data and decide how much more strict or less strict the people think their laws should be.