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December 21, 2017

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Principal's Corner

Dear Carpenter Parents,

It was terrific seeing so many of you at the Holiday Sing! As always, Mrs. Seputis and Mr. Kabat and the students did not disappoint.

When we return, our focus in the month of January is responsibility. As it is one of our LIFE RULES, our students know the concept well, but being responsible for all different types of things can always improve. You can help by doing some pre-teaching of responsibility over winter break. Increase the number of independent tasks that your children do. Have them clean up after themselves. Make sure that they have some chores to do. Create some "if this, then that" type of scenarios with them. For example, tell them IF they put away their clothes THEN they can spend time on the IPAD. The most important thing is then making sure you follow through with the if/then "contract" or children struggle to learn the importance of adult directions and the need to follow through and be responsible.

When our students return from winter break, we'll be looking for them to set personal goals on how they can be more responsible. For some of our students, it might tie into remembering to bring home all of their materials or doing their homework. Some students might set goals in following directions. Other students might demonstrate more responsibility by taking care of themselves and dressing appropriately for the weather. As a family, you can build this into your own routines, discussions, and practices as well. As it relates to school again, talk to your children about remembering to bring all of their materials to school on a regular basis. If they forget, maybe the natural consequence at school might help them to take more responsibility in the future rather than the parent/guardian fixing the problem by bringing the forgotten homework or water bottle. Our children learning to make mistakes and being responsible for their actions or inactions will help them learn to problem-solve better in the future, as well as think in advance of what they need to do to be prepared and responsible. Our collaborative efforts together will help us continue to teach pro-social and emotional skills for our children.

Have a terrific winter break and holiday season. Safe travels to those who may be leaving the area. We look forward to seeing you again in the new year!

Thank you for your continued partnership.


Mr. Brett Balduf, Principal

Carpenter Elementary School

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