a sinking or currving of a area of land.


1.)Subsidence can cause damage to roads, railroads, and other transportation.

2.)Subsidence can cause damages to privet and public property.

where? how?

subsidence can happen anywhere, but it mostly happens in south London. subsidence is also an issue in league city.

subsidence is caused by large trees sucking water out of the ground and pumping water and oil out of the ground.

Negative effects on the enviorment

Subsidence leaves soil very dry. It also interrupts the natural flow of ground water

prevent subsidence

1.) avoid putting large trees next to buildings and houses

2.) replace the water pumped out of the ground with soil (my solution)

who are affected by subsidence?

humans are affected by subsidence. we have to purchase subsidence insurance and repair damages done by subsidence. animals like bored headed snakes, shuttering frog, and eastern pygmy possum are also affected by subsidence. they are affected because they live under ground.
Intro to Subsidence in Wilcox Basin, Cochise County