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Celebrity Fluff Piece: Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon was born around 1474 in Spain. He is known for being a very influential spanish explorer in terms of the exploration of Florida. Ponce De Leon, was in search of the fountain of youth, although he did not find this fountain, he did get the chance to explore Florida and discover the oldest city in Puerto Rico and make an impact enough for people to page homage to him. These examples of homages to Ponce de Leon can be seen in St. Augustine and in other places around Florida. Tragically, he was killed by a poisoned arrow.

As stated before, there are still many remnants remaining in Florida that depict what life was like for the early spanish explorers like Ponce De Leon. One examples is the Castillo de San Marcos, I have personally went there on a field trip and inside it shows where the jails would be and the barracks that people would sleep in.

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Discovery: Grand Cranyon

The Grand canyon was discovered by Francisco Coronado while he was on his expedition, searching for the City of Gold. Francisco Coronado was a Spanish explorer born around 1510 in Spain. On this expedition, Francisco brought along with him, 1000 slaves, 340 Spanish soldiers, 300 Indians, 1000 horses, and swivel guns. He also had the goal of conquering the region around the city of gold that he was in search of. This expedition was 4 years long to discover the southwestern United States. Later on in life, he was killed after he was found guilty of war crime
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