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What is Quiet Buds?

According to the manufacturer, the QuietBuds should solve a real problem that everyone who has ever used earplugs knows about. Many of these products do not just block out annoying noises such as snoring or background noise in the office. Also important sounds such as the alarm clock in the morning or the voice of the colleague who wants to convey important information.

This should now be a thing of the past. The new Noise-Cancelling earplugs are designed to block out all annoying noises - but at the same time ensure that you can hear all the things you want to hear.

That's why the noise suppression plugs come with three different Capsule Corses. Each Corse blocks specific sounds, so you can decide for yourself which sounds you can hear and which you can't.

  • Commute Core: This silicone core reduces the background noise that surrounds you. At the same time, you can still hear what other people are saying to you.
  • Concert Core: It filters out background noise so you can focus on the sounds you really want to hear. According to the manufacturer, these cores are very effective at preventing hearing damage at live concerts and other noisy events.
  • Ocean Quiete Core: This core works with a specific fluid that blocks out almost all sounds. With the help of oil, any noise is absorbed. This makes it perfect for reading, meditating and sleeping.

Why do I need these earplugs?

Today's world is a noisy place. On the street, in the café and restaurant, at events and even in your own four walls there is often an enormous background noise. This can have serious effects on people and their well-being. Many can hardly sleep because of the loud noises in their bedroom. Others feel stressed by the permanent flooding of sounds - which, as is well known, can also have long-term health disadvantages.

As a result, QuietBuds are the ideal product for anyone who feels stressed and disturbed by the permanent sounds in their environment. It doesn't matter if you want to get ahead on your job and be less exposed to disturbances that finally wish you a good night's sleep, protect your ears from hearing damage or don't want to be stressed by the noise of everyday life: The QuietBuds are ideal in any case.
Quietbuds Ear Plugs

Quietbuds evaluation and recommendation

The three different capsule cores each buyer receives not only look different. According to the manufacturer, each of them has a specific function. This is quite obvious if you take a closer look at the function of the individual cores. In this respect it is very realistic that each core is particularly helpful in a certain situation.

While one of them makes for a good night's sleep by really eliminating all noises, the other makes it possible to enjoy a concert even better. The last one, on the other hand, allows conversations without disturbing background noises. In this respect, this is really an "all-round talent".

The material from which the earplugs are made is high-quality aluminium. This provides an enormous quality and extends the lifetime of the QuietBuds tremendously. While other noise cancelling plugs made of plastic or foam can often only be used a few times, the high-quality material in combination with the silicone inserts ensures a high durability.

In particular, the silicone inserts, which are supplied in three different sizes, make wearing the earplugs for noise suppression very comfortable. At the same time, they ensure that the Ear Buds fit everyone perfectly.

Quietbuds technical facts

  • three different Capsule Corses for different fields of application
  • made of high-quality aluminium
  • silicone inserts in three sizes (S, M and L)

Quietbuds test and quality characteristics

A high security standard is important on the website where the product is offered. Secure payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards can be used. In addition, the site has a McAfee Secure certificate. This means that it has been verified by McAfee and then found secure. It continues with Secure 256-bit SSL encryption. This also ensures that your order is processed securely - so you don't have to worry about your personal information.

Since the Strong Current Enterprise Limited website is DMCA-protected, the copyright is protected. This means that no other website may publish the content published on the official website. For you this means: More security if you want to buy the noise cancelling plugs, because you can only find the real content on the official website.

Quiet Buds Reviews

Due to the technical data of the Ear Buds not only a high quality, but also an enormous comfort gain can be hoped for. The latter not only refers to the wearing comfort, but also to a more comfortable everyday life, which can be experienced with the earplug for noise suppression. Some customers who have already bought and tested the noise cancelling earplugs report similar results.

One customer, for example, reports that she - as a waitress in a well-known nightclub - is permanently surrounded by loud and unpleasant noises. Thanks to the Ear Plugs, she can now hide them perfectly - and still listen to the drinks orders that guests place with her. Another customer is also exposed to constant noise in his job, but as a construction worker. Since using the Ear Buds, he says his headaches caused by the noise have completely disappeared. At the same time, however, he would still hear everything he needed to hear.

Where can I order Quietbuds?

The earplugs for noise suppression can be ordered directly from the official QuietBud website. Products offered under the same name on other websites are usually cheap replicas and do not match the quality of the original products.

The manufacturer allows its customers to purchase multiple Noise-Cancelling earplugs at the same time - and grants a significant discount on them. Even when you buy a pair, you currently receive a discount of 40 percent. If you buy more than one pair, you'll get even bigger discounts:

  • Two pairs: 45 percent
  • Three pairs: 50 percent
  • Four pairs: 52 percent
  • Five pairs: 55 percent

If more than one pair of noise cancelling plugs is purchased, shipping will be free of charge. If you buy a pair, the shipping costs 8,95 Euro.

Exclusively to each acquired pair of earplugs a portable Case for the simple storage, three exchangeable Noise Cancelling plug for different noise experiences as well as Comfort fit QuietBud Covers in the sizes S, M and L are supplied.

On selected days, you will also receive an optional lifetime warranty when ordering your ear plugs. This means that if the product breaks down, you can get it replaced for just ten euros - no matter how many years you've had.

You can of course pay the manufacturer of the noise cancelling plugs for noise suppression with PayPal. In addition, you can complete your order via VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The manufacturer of the QuietBuds is Strong Current Enterprises Limited based in the Netherlands. The address is as follows:

Strong Current Enterprises Limited

Postbus 202

6670AE Zetten

The Netherlands

Homepage: https://www.buyquietbuds.com/ *

Phone contact:
Canada: +1 778 300 0854
USA: +1 609 414 7087
Great Britain & Ireland: +44 8708 200084
Australia & New Zealand: +61 2 8607 8316
E-mail contact: support@buyquietbuds.com

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