Pack 94

October newsletter

RSVP TODAY _ Thunderbird games

I need to register with district and Webelo-ree tickets do run out. So please RSVP to me at

Oct 17-18, 2015
Croton Point Park
We'll convoy over to Croton Point Park on Sat at 10am from St Stevens.
Go for the games ( 12 - 4pm ) or stay overnight for camping, s'mores and fireworks.
This is a great and easy way to get those camping credits in- and there will be some Boy Scouts to help set up tents!

Haunted House • Pumpkin carving contest • Costume contest • Halloween pin
Come in costume and tour the Haunted house. Over 40 games and fireworks.

$16 - day
$16 - Camping overnight - includes dinner, S'mores, & Breakfast
WE ARE HOLDING THIS AT $16 - thanks to no district fee!
Get your money to your den leaders- or drop to me at 6 Half Mile Road

NOTE: the previous pumpkin carving event will NOT happen as it is same weekend as this event and most are coming to it.


Back by popular demand, it's the Sleepover at the Natural History Museum. It'll be another few years before this rolls around again, so reserve your space now!

  • Arrive at NYC Natural History Museum 5:45 pm - 9 am
  • Can take train (and carry bags?) or park underneath museum,
    81st Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. The parking garage will open at 4:00 p.m. ... discounted parking fee of $28.00
  • Ages recc: 6–16 - siblings welcome, friends welcome!
We've had 22 sign up at Ice Cream event. Please get your checks in...

NOTE - Gary Boyd will be leading this expedition, my family cannot go as 5th grade musical is this night!


This is our one big fundraiser a year. This helps pay for Pinewood derby, crossovers, and other activities in your den. Your Den Leaders all have take order forms

TAKE ORDERS - fill orders an they will be delivered before Thanksgiving

SHOW AND SELL - I have carmel and other in my garage if you want to day.

GOAL - everyone should try to sell at Least $150, or pay an extra $50 with your dues.

November 1st - All orders in.
November 22nd - Popcorn to be delivered.

Pics from kick off ice cream event


Note this is during Thanksgiving Ill need someone to be point person.
We are trying to get a truck AND trailer for next year

DEC. 19th 12pm-3pm - Father/Son Cake Bake Off
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME...BAKING?! This is our ever popular father son cake extravaganza. Cakes are auctioned off to highest bidder. We will also hold an Honor Court.

Jan - Thunder Ridge Ski & Snowboarding event TBD

Jan - Durland Camping - TBD

- Do second overnight? If interested and can get a host.

Feb 13, Bowl-a-Ree - again scheduled during our winter break...TBD

April - TBD Pinewood Derby
* This year we are mandating a 9-10am car check-in to help with registration. Will return at 2pm-ish for race.

May TBD cross-over for WeBeLos 2

June TBD : end year fishing derby / picnic / honor court

2nd week of Aug TBD - all graduating scouts are invited to Read for new 'Cub week" Camping will be with dads. Not drop off.


Your den leader will be in touch about when they are scheduling meetings.

1st grade Tiger Den. Rich Radonis and John McNulty

2nd Grade Den - Rachael Nozard and Gary Boyd.

3rd Grade Den - Paul Lashment and TBA

4th Grade Den - Nils Lunde and TBA

5th Grade Den - John Jurek. Assisted by Cheryl Miceli

Cub Pack Master - Ellen Dedman