Sunday Shakedown

FINAL Weekly memo for Washington Elementary

Principal Post

So, it is our last memo of the year. Don't clap too much. This one has me reflecting. First, I am thinking about all we have accomplished this year. I was asked by the ASC to produce a list of accomplishments. It ended up to be about a page long and included a variety of proud moments. I will be happy to share if you wish. However, it wasn't until leadership meeting the other day when I realized what I really was proud of this year. It was our focus on the student culture. Here are some examples:

  • We narrowed our lifeskills to 8 basic tenants of the Patriot Promise. Our kids know them, speak about them, and are living them, the data tells us so. YOU made that happen through stories, examples, encouragement and expectation.
  • We explicitly stated what our expectations would be for the playground, halls, cafeteria, active listening,etc. YOU made this work and made it a reality in our building and students are consistent in their demonstration of this.
  • We wanted to honor the whole child and the personal strengths in each child that may or may not be recognized in tradition academics, so we started club time. Because of YOUR willingness, our students have become engaged and many are serving others.
  • We wanted to increase our PBL knowledge by "learning by doing". This year YOU implemented more sustained projects and have collaborated at new levels, given each other feedback, and reached out to the community to create authentic learning opportunities.
  • We have completed out second year of RTI and we are getting more creative with meeting students needs. YOU helped us add our Patriot Power Hour which has served various re-teaching, pre-teaching or homework help needs.
  • We became home to a new ASAP program, where our district's students with the greatest emotional and behavioral needs had a fresh start. YOU accepted them, loved them and treated them with equality. They've had opportunity, unconditional love, and consistency.
So, I hope, like me, you feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the each other and the awesome privilege we have to call ourselves educators. There is no better job in the world. It sometimes causes us sadness, worry, extra time, and sacrifice...but YOUR impact is priceless. THANK YOU for a year of successes. #ProudPatriot

Week at a Glance

  • 10 minute meeting-voting for school theme-that's all. However, anyone available to help get ready for the PP celebration we might need some help.
  • ALL 15% measures are due to Heather. Must be to ASC by 5:00. Copies are in my office of graduation rate or ACT.
  • Patriot Promise celebration, various times per learning center


  • Sevier chorus tryouts at 8:15
  • Nurse's day-let's celebrate Renee


  • Washington Troupe 6:00
  • SPED transition meetings all day
  • Birthdays with the principals
  • Amy at ASC team meeting


  • Orleans Hanna parent letters go home
  • IA evaluations periodically throughout the day
  • LCF to the caverns
  • LCE to Warpath Lanes
  • Troupe Dollywood trip
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Feedback for Wolf and Doran-tomorrow is the last day:

Please take some time to fill out the annual surveys sent out by the ASC team to help provide feedback to both Amy and me. Please click the link below and take the newer and shorter version of this year's survey. Thank you!

The survey will remain open through May 9.

Support Staff