Chelsea Stewart, A2


Maritime South-East Asia
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Climate Review

-almost entirely tropical climate


-Inland & mountain areas average 26 degrees

-higher mountain regions average 23 degrees

-coastal plains average 28 degrees


249.9 million

Water Problems

-nearly 1/2 of Indonesians lack access to safe water

-more than 70% of people rely on potentially contaminated water

-Pollution is the biggest water issue in Indonesia

Although Indonesia has plenty of rivers and rainfall, the construction of reservoirs is difficult due to lack of funding and decent reservoir locations. Most of Indonesia relies on irrigation and groundwater for its water supply. However, groundwater exploitation is an issue because of the limited amount of groundwater available. The surface water and groundwater that Indonesia does have is polluted by sewage, industrial effluents, agricultural runoff, and solid waste. This polluted water causes at least 300 out of every 1000 Indonesians to suffer from water borne illness.

Water Resources

-60 percent comes from rivers and lakes

-25 percent comes from springs

-15 percent comes from groundwater

Actions Being Taken

-In 2005, there was an estimated investment of US$2 per capita a year, which was insufficient in expanding services

-Local governments in Indonesia gained responsibility for water supply and sanitation. However, this has not improved access to clean water.

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