Module 16 Honors Assignment

Sami Anthony

Nuclear Fusion Experiment (May 4, 2016)


Hello there, my name is Sami Anthony, and lately I have been researching the wondrous topic of Nuclear Fusion. Throughout my research, I saw examined how nuclear fusion works, and especially, how it works in the Sun to give us our energy.

How Does it Work?

Nuclear Fusion is a reaction that combines atoms with low atomic number and heavier substances to release energy. It is different from Nuclear Fission, since it is combining nuclei instead of splitting them apart.

Safety Precautions

Some precautions for the use of nuclear fusion include awareness; while this process does not leave any radioactive waste, it is still volatile.
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Economic Impact

Using Nuclear Fusion could have many effects on our society, such as economic rates; the fuel cost for this process if relatively low, so that's a plus, but until we can get the procedure working soundly, there will be little energy available, at a high cost. Once we can get it up and running, there could be vast expansion beyond our country into other nations. This is a viable solution to problems related with nonrenewable energy.