October 17- October 21, 2016

Preventing the Feedback Fizzle

Progress reports were sent home this week, and we appreciate everyone's support with the changes in the due dates.

At this point, you have established with your students and parents how you are giving feedback. Take a moment to reflect on how you are sharing feedback with parents about their child's progress each week. Is your process working or does it need tweaking? Are you providing actionable feedback to your students? Do they know the learning target and our the learning targets referred to often throughout the day as a purpose for constructing student feedback?

Take a look at the article attached to this email.

Takeaways from the article "Preventing the Feedback Fizzle"

  • It starts with the learning target that is written in student- friendly language. Notice the difference between "Students will recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces" and I can draw a figure that's exactly the same size and shape as an example." The learning target is from the student's point of view and will be easier to understand the actionable feedback.
  • Good feedback is timely.
  • Good feedback is descriptive of the work, not the student personally.
  • Good feedback is positive, clear and specific, and differentiated.

During our next two week cycle of grade level PLCs, we will be discussing SBG and feedback. Ask yourself and be ready to share evidence about how you are sharing feedback and how you are communicating to parents about Standards Based Grading.

Effective Feedback and Formative Assessment
Standards Based Grading

Dickens' Ditties!!

October 17-21 is National School Bus Safety Week: Encourage your students to thank their drivers for keeping them safe every day!

The National School Safety Center, state governors and state school superintendents are sponsoring America's Safe Schools Week, Oct. 16-22, 2016. Virginia Beach City Public Schools will observe these dates to again highlight and reinforce school safety.

In appreciation of their important contributions to school safety, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, is designated as School Resource Officer and Security Assistant Day. We request that you encourage your students to thank Officer Chris Washington (our SRO) and Mrs. Sherry Singer, too. Pictures, letters, and cards always brighten their day. This would be a great way to use the JOY TABLE. If you students create something for Officer Washington, please pony it to TALLWOOD HIGH SCHOOL.

Monday, Oct. 17 – External Lockdown Drill at 11:00 – Blinds closed, doors locked, PE comes inside, classes continue as usual, listen for any further directions

Thursday, Oct. 20 – Great Southeast Shake Out- We will participate in a multi-state simultaneous earthquake drill at 10:20 An announcement will say “Attention Students and Staff, Implement earthquake procedures – Duck, cover, and hold on.” Students should drop to their knees facing away from windows, get under desks and tables where possible, place their head between their knees and cover heads with hands, stay in position for 10 seconds. The idea is to get down and cover as quickly as possible.

Allison Dickens

Adjusted Dismissal Schedule

The Calendar Committee recommended and the School Board approved adjusted dismissal for Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016, preceding the Thanksgiving holiday break. The intent is to allow students and staff an opportunity for family travel without jeopardizing one of the scheduled days of school.

Below are the adjusted dismissal schedules for students, instructional staff and all other staff:



Group B…..8:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.

Kindergarten Afternoon Group B….10:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.


Elementary School Instructional Staff Time:

Group B Schools…………………………………….. ..1:20 p.m.

All Other Employee Groups (excluding lunch)

8 hours ...... 5 hours & 30 minutes

3 hours & 40 minutes....2 hours & 25 minutes

Fill a BEACH BAG!! Beach Bags program hosts two food drives in October

The school division will host two citywide Beach Bags food drives Oct. 15 and Oct. 20.

The program provides meals to students who don’t have enough to eat over weekends and school breaks. The outreach is supported entirely through contributions from generous community members and area businesses. As you know, many of our Woodchucks benefit from the Beach Bag program.

Volunteers will accept donations Saturday, Oct. 15, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Landstown Commons Shopping Center and Thursday, Oct. 20, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Pembroke Mall (in the Kohl’s parking lot behind Walgreens).

A list of food items included in each Beach Bag is available at Tax-deductible monetary donations will also be accepted. For more information, contact the Office of Community Engagement at 757-263-1936 or

What's Up Woodchuck?

October 17-21 is National School Bus Safety Week

America's Safe Schools Week, Oct. 16-22, 2016

Monday, 10/17 – Mrs. Hedrick OOTB today

Mrs. Pinner @ training 10:30am-12:00pm

Grade 3 LA PLC with Mrs. Dirks

External Lockdown Drill

Chipolte Night, 3:30-9:00, Greenbriar

Tuesday, 10/18 – Lifetouch Fall Pictures in GYM during PE


United Way Training, Mrs. Hedrick, OOTB AM

Grade 4 LA PLC 9:30-10:30

Grade 2 Grade Level PLC 1:15-2:00

Grade 1 Grade Level PLC 2:10 – 3:00

PTA Board Mtg 3:15

SPED Meeting 3:15

Wednesday, 10/19 – Grade 3 Collab 11:15-3:00

Book Buddies 3:15

Send some JOY to Mrs. Singer and Officer Washington today!!

Thursday, 10/20 –

Tornado Drill

School Counselors Out 12:30-4:30

MTSS-B Tier 1 Mtg, 3:15, Room 22


Friday, 10/21- Grade 5 Collab, all day

Denise Boyette’s home will be featured this evening on TLC at

9:00 p.m. on a show called “A Haunting”

Monday, 10/24 – Mandatory MTSS-B Staff Meeting– 3:15pm - 4:30pm

Tuesday, 10/25 – 2nd Grade Field Trip 9:15-11:30

Grade 4 LA PLC 9:30 a.m.

Grade 2 Grade Level mtg, 1:15

Grade 1 Grade Level mtg, 2:10


Wednesday, 10/26 –

TalentEd Formative options due

TalentEd Professional goals due

Site-based Inclusion Practices w/ OPEC

Thursday, 10/27 – Citizen of the Month 8:45 a.m.


Friday, 10/28 – Book Fair

Literary Mtg, Dirks out all day

Grade 1 Field Trip 9:30-1:30

PTA Monster Mash 5:00-8:00


Shouts Of JOY!!

Thank you to Mrs. Nute for the beautiful breakfast posters for our 3 stations. I really appreciate all you do. Lea Baskerville


When you see Amber Sheffield and Jen Barker next week please thank them for their assistance in helping decorate the cafe for National School Lunch Week! Lea Baskerville

Also, please share another shout out to our wonderful volunteer Mia Celestine who helps in the cafeteria. Lea Baskerville

Thanks to the roaming reporter- - You Rock Mrs. Barre and Ms. Johnson! All of the kids can’t wait to go to spirit night…..!!!!! Anne Martin

Thank you, Mrs. Kelly, for your creativity!! The Golden Spoon Celebrations were fantastic!! Looking forward to the next one!! Amy H.

I appreciate the teamwork of Sherry, Carolyn, Lisa, Bianca, Allison, Stephanie H., Cheryl , and Lorraine as they work closely to support a student. Amy

Stormy- thank you for spreading your sunshine and sharing stories to brighten our days!! Amy

A big THANKS to our 4th grade team for a successful IPT administration!! Amy & Allison

The students are enjoying the JOY table!! Way to Go, Joy Ambassadors!!


Darryl Roberts (and baby Trey) October 17

Lorraine Nute October 18

Bianca Harmon October 20

Catherine Harrell October 31 (boo)

National School Lunch Week!!

In this week's video, we are highlighting healthy balanced meals in honor of our fantastic cafeteria staff!! Thank you, Ladies, for ensuring we have hot and delicious meals each day!!
Healthy balanced meals...