Yoga for Climbers

Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:45 PM

Free for Vertical Dreams Members!

About Yoga for Climbers

If you climb, your lats may be overdeveloped, your shoulders may pull forward, your neck may be strained, or your hamstrings may be tight. This class will help lengthen your hamstrings, relieve neck strain, and release your shoulders. We’ll use the push muscles of the arms to counteract and prevent muscle overuse caused by climbing. We’ll work on strengthening your feet and increasing the range of motion in your ankles. Also learn to develop better balance, more flexibility, and a stronger core. Yoga philosophy says “If your mind is unsteady and wandering, endless are the thoughts and choices. When your mind is clear and one-pointed, there is only one decision.” With the controlled breathing techniques and focused attention practices of this Yoga class you can increase your awareness, your ability to focus and concentrate, you can reduce anxiety, get rid of doubt, and commit.

Non-Members drop in for only $10