2nd Grade News

Check out what is happening in Room 26!

Welcome Back!

Room 26 has gone digital! All newsletters for the remainder of the year will be sent via e-mail. It is my hope that come spring, the students will be writing more of the communication home to you all about what is happening in our classroom.

We have had a great week and a half back to school! It has been full of new reading, writing, and science units. We had a special visit from author Beth Finke and her seeing eye dog, and both classes celebrated their good behavior with a class party. It's been busy here in 2nd grade CI!

Reading: Fluency

Our new reading unit is all about making our reading more fluent. We have discussed strategies like rereading in our heads and scooping up our words into longer phrases. The 2nd graders are all growing so much with their reading. It has been amazing to see them applying these strategies right away.

Word Study: Homophones

We finished up our study on contractions before break, and now we are learning about homophones. We read a book called "Dear Deer", which is quickly becoming a class favorite. The students have been discovering homophones in their reading and writing, and we are also creating a class list to see how many we can come up with. It is growing rapidly!

Also, the "Long O" spelling list is coming home today, and the test will be on 1/29.

Writing: Opinions

Our next writing unit is all about opinions. The students started by writing letters to Room 26 about a book character they had a strong opinion about. Then, they wrote about their favorite part of the book and gave reasons and examples to explain their thinking.

Science: Sound

What is sound? We spent time exploring sounds around our school and recording questions we had about sound. We also began experimenting with tuning forks and learning about sound vibrations and what influences the pitch of different sounds.

At the end of this unit, the students will be creating their own musical instruments. Be looking for more information to come!

Student of the Week Schedule

1/25: John Golden

2/1: Ethan Elias

2/22: Ainslie Eldredge