Mrs. Hatcher's Hoppenings

A look into Frog-Tastic Learning in E103

Welcome to Middle School!

Middle School is a short and exciting time in a student's academic life. Students grow and change physically and academically. There are many ways to get involved, have fun, and learn. Faubion is the BEST place to be! If you have questions please feel free to email me at:

If I don't have the answer, I will find one or point you in the right direction.

What's Hoppening this Week?

6th grade Social Studies is piloting a program called "Canvas". This is the program the high schools are using to house their courses and content. Lessons and quizzes are on the computer and students will be taught how to access these lessons. Canvas is great because it allows for everything to be accessed either at school or at home. Ask your child to show you their Canvas account!

This week, students will finish working in Module 3: Comparing Limited and Unlimited governments. This government unit is vocabulary HEAVY and your child will need to review their vocabulary notes nightly/weekly.

We will also begin discussing our unit project. Students will be given a "Civic Participation Bingo". Each student will need to choose an activity from each column. There is always a "your choice" column; however, it must be approved by a teacher. Students need to have their activity signed off and documented with a picture or video. All civic participation will be due by November 7th. This due date is so student teams can compile the photos and videos into one presentation. We look forward to hearing and seeing how our Faubion students are helping people in our homes, school, McKinney, Texas, and the world.

All government words:

1. government

2. direct democracy

3. Limited government

4. Constitutional monarch

5. Rule by Many

6. Representative Democracy

7. Absolute power

8. Democracy

9. Communism

10. Republic

11. Monarchy

12. Dictator

13. Unlimited government

14. anarchy

15. Rule by few

16. Communism/Oligarchy

17. Totalitarian

18. Absolute Monarch

19. autocracy

20. Rule by 1

21. Censorship

22. Propaganda

Report Card Time = First 9 Weeks!

Grading is very different at the middle school level. Please keep a close eye on your child’s grades, as they are new to secondary school. Grades are posted in the Home Access Center (HAC). MISD’s grading policy is out of a 100% scale and split into summative and formative grades. Summative grades count as 70% of the grade for that quarter and formative as 30%. It is also important that all assignments are turned in or that could negatively impact their overall grades. If you happen to see a "Z" for an assignment, that means that your child has not turned it in and it is consider "missing"-0%. If there is an “X” in the grade book, your child has missed an assignment but is not expected to make it up, this will not count against them. If your child earns below an 80% on a summative grade they must attend a tutoring session and then a retesting session. The higher of the two testing grades, and only up to an 80%, will be what is recorded in the grade book. Only one retesting opportunity will be given. There are no opportunities given for formative grades to be raised; quizzes, homework, and daily assignments, are examples of formative grades.

Conference Time!! Monday, October 24, 2016

In middle school the amount of students a teacher has ranges from 130 -160 students, which makes it nearly impossible to meet with every parent in one day. If a teacher feels like they need a conference with the parent then they will definitely contact the parent. Priority conference times are for struggling or failing students. If you have some concerns and would like to schedule a conference, please email me to set up a time.

Classroom Links

There are numerous ways the students and I will communicate through out our day. There are also ways to communicate outside of school hours. Check out the following links:

Twitter: @MrsHatcherclass

I have students as "Guest Tweeters" during the day. Make sure you are following us!!


Website: (This is a living website. Changes and updates happen all the time!)


Phone: 469-302-7011

This newsletter! I will send this out weekly.

Your child's phone or planner: I list out our objectives and weekly calendar on the board at the beginning of the week. Students may write information or take a picture with their phone.


I am seeing students who are challenged in 2 ways:

1. Difficulty understanding concepts

2. Need assistance completing work

I am available:

Monday - Thursday mornings 8:15-8:40

Tuesday and Thursday after school 3:45- 4:30

Tuesday and Thursday, we have a late bus- meaning we have a bus for students at 4:30 which will drop students off at the elementary school near their home.