Top 10 Reasons

to buy your yearbook


Getting your yearbook lets you stalk that one hot guy/girl even more! You learn all of their interests and stuff.


You get to remember how horrible you looked before puberty!


Remember that one time your pants fell down in the middle of gym? So do we, and we got it on camera.


You get to remember all of your friends and everything, (as if you aren't going to see them next year)


Everyone has one, so join the crowd.


Your family wants to have a collection of how you changed through the years to show your children one day.


You can finally scribble out the faces of people you hate. Fun! -.~*


Remember when you fell down the stairs? Don't lie, we have all done it at least once. Not only do we have a picture, it is also a video. Ooooooo, look, it is trending!


We spent FOREVER creating every. Single. Page. By hand, we had to aline every single picture and create every caption, so be nice and buy one.


You're in it, so you have to!