The People of Sparks

By Jeanne Duprau and the genre is science fiction

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Character Doon

Doon love bugs, exploring and he helps out with any problem. Doon has a partner Lina. They both got out of Ember and saved their town from dieing. In this book Doon was being blamed from something he didn't do. Then, Mrs.Murdo told doon that Lina went somewhere all by herself. Doon got worried and mad at the same time, but he was sure that Lina had a plan and that she has a reason to be gone.

Character Lina

Lina is nice girl she loves exploring out new things. Lina lives with in the doctors house with Mrs.Murdo and her little sister Poppy. Lina went on a trip with Torren's older brother, Caspar because she overheard him talking about a city. When she got their she was discovered by Caspar's partner Maddy she didn't get mad but Caspar did.


Torren doesn't like the people from Ember so he calls them cave people. So, when Torren heard that Lina went with his brother he got so mad, that he had thrown tomatoes where Doon was living.


Caspar is a roamer, he found lots of cool items that are rare and gave it to Torren. Caspar is looking for a city that is just a riddle and he thinks it might be a real city with lots of treasure because in the riddle it says it has lots of treasures.


Maddy is partners with Caspar only because she wanted to get out of her own town. When they arrived in the city he wanted Lina to get into the small spots and find things because the city is destroyed. Maddy takes Lina and herself to run away from Caspar so, they packed their supplies and went with their bikes.


In the begining of the story they poeple of Sparks assign the people of Ember to their houses. The leaders decided that they can only stay for 6 months and while they wait for 6 months they train them so they can build their own city.


Doon is blamed like I said. But, the people of Sparks are attacking way too much so they decide to pay them back and Lina is still on her bike with Maddy.


Now everyone one is saying appologies because of the war and saying why they had the war also why they were being mean to them.


I recommend this book to everyone in class because it has lots of actions and when you read it you will never put it down.