Material Safety Data Sheet

Element: Osmanity

About The Element

  • Symbol: Oz
  • Atmoic Mass: 220 kg
  • Discovery: Discovered by Naima and Mohamed in 1999
  • Occurrences: Large deposits to be found in the Gym and Basketball Court
  • Occurrences: Low deposits to be found in fast food restaurants. No deposits found on the couch

Physical Properties

  • Surface Properties: Light, soft skin, with black hair and brown eyes
  • Boils whenever things don't go it's way because people don't listen to each other and losing
  • Melts when it cannot take the heat anymore and just goes away from other people
  • Can cause complete silence when in charge
  • Specimen may be found Happy when alone, Angry when disturbed, Excited when winning
  • Becomes stubborn when it comes to food

Chemical Properties

  • Is Repelled by loud noises
  • Is Attracted to sports and video games
  • May Explode Spontaneously If attracted to too much excitement
  • Requires copious amounts of energy (water & food)
  • Inert when exhausted
  • Will Repel anything that may harm it
  • Impervious to Failure