ANZAC & Rememberance Commemoration

Come and join with us to honour those; the fallen of WW1.

World War 1

The Causes:

World War 1 was indeed a terrible time but the immediate trigger to WW1 was the assasination of the Austro Hungarian Prince Franz Ferdinand.

Australia's involvement in the War:

When Britain had agreed to join and participate in the War. Because Australia was under the British empire they had to stand side by side with Britain in the war and go fight with them. They had to go and fight against the Ottoman empire. The Turks at Gallipoli and the Western Front.

Significant Batlles of ANZACS in WW1:

Gallipoli: In Turkey against the Ottoman Empire trying to free the Dardenelles

The Western Front: Fight in Western Europe against the triple entente and the triple alliance.

Impact of the great War on family at home:

Most people at home were worried or supportive of their loved ones in the war. Meanwhile people would pray daily for their husbands, fathers, brothers, sons to be safe in war and to fight for freedom.

The significance of ANZAC Day to Australians:

ANZAC Day is a day of mourning and commemoration. It is also to recognise and comprehend the true meaning of ANZAC Day and its significance to a typical Australian's life


Monday, Nov. 11th 2013 at 10:30am-2pm

Redleap Reserve, Mill Park, Victoria, Australia

Mill Park, VIC

Come and join us to honour those; the fallen of WW1

A Rememberance Service will be held and snacks and refreshments will be available.


10:30am: All gather

10:45am: ANZAC and Commemoration Liturgy Reading

11:00am: 1 minute silence

11:01: Marching Band plays the Last Post

11:20: Rememberance Service commences: Former Serving Soldiers, Primary students readings etc.

12:10: Marching Band plays rememberance music

12:30: Closing Statements

12:45: Light snacks and refreshments provided and photos with former soldiers.

1:30: Finish

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