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Sportsmanship is very important, not only does it affect your reputation on the field, but outside of sports too. There is a quote from a movie that I think is very appropriate for this topic. ¨I never do anything to embarrass my self, my team or my family.” (Forever Strong) Sportsmanship is something that all of us should know. When someone does something good, congratulate them. Don’t pout because they got the best of you, tip your hat to them because they deserve it. We see those people that pout because they miss a ground ball or strikeout. We have to face the fact, it happens to us all and when you miss a ground ball, life goes on. Ya we will strikeout, yes coach will get mad, but the pitcher deserves it, tip your hat to him. Often we want to throw our helmet and cry but all you can do is look forward to your next at bat.

Plan For Action

Positive: Good sportsmanship leads to better paths. Sometimes teams want you because your attitude, not saying you are bad at the sport but some teams care about attitude. I promise you no one likes it when someone comes into the dugout and throws there helmet. The worst is when they start to cry.

Negative: Bad sportsmanship, no one likes it. It just proves that you are weak. I promise you, if you have a strict coach you will sit. Umpire, man they hate kids like that, so do teammates. So please do us a favor and have good sportsmanship.

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