Points of Pride

September 20, 2018

Instructional Focus:

Much is made out of Student Growth now that the state has changed the way that each school is graded. Here's a great video that explains what it is: Student Growth

Additionally, here is a link for that video for parents regarding standards based grading. Might be a great one to send out K-3 before conferences: Standards Based Grading for Parents

October 15 Schedule.....

As a reminder, October 15 is the Monday after Fall Break that is scheduled as a teacher work day. It will begin with a certified staff meeting, and the rest of the day will be focused on student placement on the digital data wall for behavior and reading (I will be developing a "how to" screencast for how to complete these forms that will go out next week).

8:00-8:45-Staff Meeting

9:00-9:45: Kindergarten Data Wall

9:50-10:35: 1st Grade Data Wall

10:40-11:25: 2nd Grade Data Wall

11:30-12:15: 3rd Grade Data Wall

1:00-1:45: 4th Grade Data Wall

1:50-2:35: 5th Grade Data Wall

2:40-3:25: 6th Grade Data Wall

When you are not meeting with me during your data wall placement, you will be required to spend at least two hours with your PLC. As always, these meetings are based around the four critical questions. This would be a great time to plan intervention/enrichment, develop assessments, unpack standards, or discuss student progress.

After this time is complete, you may have the rest of the day as a teacher work day. Use this time to finish report cards, get your room ready for second quarter, lesson plan, make copies, etc.

I would also encourage you to schedule an hour lunch as an opportunity to reconnect with your team/colleagues.

***Paraprofessionals and IA's there will be a Paraprofessional Miniconference at Campo Verde on this date. A sign up will be going out next week if you are interested in professional development. ***

Upcoming Events:

  • Week of 9/24: No Art; Focus on the Bridge Map; Book Fair in the Library
  • 9/24: Bridge Map Review with Heather @ 7:45
  • 9/25: PBIS Committee Meeting @ 7:45
  • 9/26: 2:15 Release-PLC; SMART Goal #2 due
  • 9/27: 12:15 Release-Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 9/28: 12:15 Release-Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 10/2: Cookie Dough Delivered
  • 10/3: 2nd Grade Zoo Field Trip; 3:15 Release
  • 10/4: Field Day for K-2 9:30-11:00; PTSO Meeting @ 3:30
  • 10/5: 12:15 Release