Champlain's Journeys

By Lizzy

Beginning Of Champlain

He was born in 1567 and his death was December 25,1635.He was born in the country of France.Champlain explored Rhode Island , Saint Lawrence River , Lake Huron , New york , Lake Champlain , New France , and Nova Scota. The years they explored were 1603,1604,1608,1609,and 1615.

Beginning Of Champlain's Journey

The country that Champlain came from is France and the port is Brouage. He went out to explore because his father was a sea captain and he was inspired by him. The King of France sent them and paid for them on Champlain's journey.He intended to go to get land for France.

Who Was Already There

Champlain ended up in Quebec. The Iroquois were already in Quebec. The life for people already living there had a powerful alliance. They were in a community because each longhouse could fit several families. They had lived there long. They had a chief named Hiawatha. The American Revolution happened for 1 year.

When The French Explorers Came

The place got bad when they came. The French explorer arrived in the Iroquois territory and they fought the Iroquois.