My unique poems.

Hannah Wyatt

Ode Poem

Eyes oh eyes,

I love your color.

You help me see.

You look like the sky.

Help me see the world.

Help be able to eat.

I love my eyes.

You are the best.

Haiku Poem

A beautiful bird.

It flys high touches the sky.

And it goes by fast


Blazon Poem

My eyes look like the blue sky.

My skin is the color of the sand.

My energy is fast like a lion.

My voice is quite like a mouse.

My attitude is like the sun.

My poem is happy.

I am shy.

I am Hannah.

Makes me think of poem

Sky makes me think of blue.

Blue makes me think of sea.

Sea makes me think of fish.

Fish makes me think of water.

Water makes me think of summer.

Summer makes me think of sun.

Sun makes me think of happy.

Color Poem

Blue is the color of beach waves.

Blue is the color of my favorite shoes.

Blue smells like fresh blueberries from a store.

Blue taste like my favorite ice cream.

Blue sounds like wind blowing on a sunny day.

Blue looks like the balloons at the fair.

Blue feels like my favorite soft shirt.

Blue makes me want to go outside.

Blue is the color that makes me excited.

Limerick Peom

there was a girl.

her names was Perl.

she could learn how to cook.

but not to read a book.

she also had lots of curls.

Rhyme Scheme

I went to the store.

Found what I needed.

And went out the door.

Hopped in my car and drove home.

Personification Poem

I am the sun.

Shining so bright.

I can see everyone. making people happy.

I leave for the day.

Sitting in the pretty sky.

I am the sun.

Cinquain Poem


Red ,green


On many trees