10-Day Vacation Trip!

By: Halle Jaggers


Would leave today from Kansas City on American Airlines and land in Madrid the next day. We would leave the 7th coming back we would leave from Madrid to Kansas City we will have to stop a few times on both ways. The total cost for airfare is $1,402.00

When We Get There-

Once we get there we will rent a car for the whole 10 days and drive place to place. And to save money you could sleep in there a few days. Other days you can stay at a hotel to shower and things for 65$ a night since you don't want to drive all the way back to one hotel. The price of our car for ten days is $225.00 plus gas.

Things We Will Do When We Get There!

Things We Will Bring-

Clothes for everyday, toothbrush and tooth paste, things to do with your hair, makeup, money, shoes, things to do on plane GPS, phone/charger, swimsuit and more.