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The effect of Pollution on Bees

Whats happening to the Bees?

Air pollution interferes with the ability of bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers to their source, undermining the essential process of pollination. Making us loose in the long run because eventually they won't be able to pollinate therefore cutting our supply of oxygen slim.


The current study looked at specific chemicals in diesel fuel exhaust—nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, or NOx gases. Researchers mixed NOx gases with the chemicals in the odor of oil rapeseed flowers and discovered that eight of the floral chemicals altered and two were completely lost.
The scientists trained bees in a lab to recognize the floral scent of the rapeseed flowers. However, when those same two chemicals were removed, the bees could not recognize the scent.
This could pose a big problem for honeybees, since they use floral odors to help locate, identify, and recognize the flowers from which they forage. And we humans depend on this foraging to pollinate a variety of agricultural crops, a critical job worth billions of dollars each year
The researchers say that these chemical changes may affect honeybees’ foraging efficiency, and could ultimately affect pollination and global food security.
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