Watkins Word!

November 18 - 21, 2014

Success Is Meant to Be Shared!

The past few weeks has demonstrated that relationships and team work really do make a difference. There are so many shout outs and celebrations that I have to share!

Kathy O'Quinn, Dana Roberts, and our Watch Dogs demonstrated "grit" daily with our canned food drive for the Christian Care Center! By the time we left school on Friday, we had over 10, 000 cans! Shhhh don't tell anyone! I can't wait to surprise the other schools! Thanks and praise to all that worked on the daily logistics and followed through with their commitment to excellence. I will be turning in the financial contributions to the Christian Care Center on Monday. Thanks to those that made a financial contribution as well. Everyone wins with this effort for the Christian Care Center!

Watkins really "kicked it" at UIL this year! Thanks to Susan Larson our coordinator, and our coaches; Jennie Campbell, Amy Strom, Amy Burnside, Brandon Gruber, Margaret Plemmons, Katie Mason, Kim Vacante, Shellie Stephenson,Dyann Humphreys, and Michele Taber. I love seeing our kids being successful! Thanks to our coaches that built relationships, unlocked gifts, expected success, and inspired learning with our Wranglers! Hats off to you! We will have group pictures and group recognition at our December 5th Wrangler Round Up! Please have our kids wear their placement and participants ribbons.

I also want to give a shout out to Cristina Pinilla, our Title One Facilitator. She has really worked hard to help organize and prepare you all for progress monitoring this coming week! Thanks Cristina, I do not know what our staff would do without you!

Our book fair last week was awesome and extremely successful. Mrs. White had more volunteers that we ever have had! The children loved it and the sales were fantastic! Well done Mrs. White! Mrs. Teamann has been invite to participate in Digital Day offered by the Alliance for Education Excellence in Washington D.C. during March of 2015. She was one of the 9 educators through out the nation invited to participate. Way to Go Mrs. Teamann.

I also would like to recognize our office staff. I can not tell you how important they are to making our school run so well. Without our them, all of us would suffer and would not be able to do our jobs of educating our kids. Barbara Beebe, thanks for keeping our kids healthy and safe every day! Suzanne and Patty, what can I say, without you all of us would be lost. You make going to work daily simple and joyful! Thanks for the hundreds jobs you do everyday and with little to no recognition or thanks.

I am so very thankful for each of you and the true sacrifices you make daily to make your children's lives better. I appreciate each of you! You complete me and WE!

Friday, November 21, 2015

STAR Chart deadline

7:45 am: Wrangler Round Up! (this one may be long because there is a special performance)

PTA Pie Bar during lunch

Enjoy your break! Rest up and eat lots! I love this holiday!