How to Basics: Quadratics

Standard Form

Learning Goals 1:

I need to know what are the a,b and c values of any given equation so that I have no trouble when using the quadratic formula.

Learning Goals 2:

I need to know that the h value in vertex form is actually the opposite of what it is, this is because when I am doing the completing of the squares and I need to know the vertex of the equation I would get the question wrong if I didn't know about this.
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Summary of the Unit

During this unit I learned about the quadratic formula and the completing of the square. I learned that using the quadratic formula makes everything easier because it always gives you the exact number. Furthermore, I learned that the number inside the square root (b^2 - 4ac) of the quadratic formula is called the discriminant, it helps us tell how many solutions the quadratic equation will have without using the whole formula. If the discriminant value is less than zero than there will be no solutions, if the value is zero than there will be only one solution, but if the value is greater than zero than there will be two solutions. Also I learned how to complete the square this is when there is a quadratic equation in standard form and you can use this method to turn the standard form into vertex form.

Quadratic formula

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Word Problem using the Quadratic Formula

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