Jackson = Zero

The bad president

My 3 reasons

1. Because he did a lot that was against the Constitution and he completely ignored the supreme court. 2. I think the way he handled the Nullification Crisis was not very noble and wasn't a good way to reflect how he was and it showed how he really was because he acted as a king and not a president of the people. 3. I think the worst thing that Jackson did was kicking the natives out of there own land i understand it was for more land and money but they had already established a lot and probably more than the U.S. had established at the time.

He was against the natives

Jackson killed of many natives just to claim their lands because they had rich resources and craved power and he killed many innocent natives because of this. The cherokee were not the only natives to suffer the seminoles, the chawkawas and many other native tribes were affected.
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