Get nominated by your classmates. Become Queen!

Jeanne is nominated!

After moving throughout different schools, Jeanne and her family settle in San Jose. She is nominated by her class to become carnival queen. She decides to wear a flower print sarong that caught the eyes of many in the audience during the final voting day for carnival queen.

Jeanne wins!

Jeanne wins homecoming queen despite her oriental ethnicity. Her father is enraged because of her choice of clothing for the Election Day and demands she embrace her Japaese heritage and wear more conservative clothing. After much anguish, she accepts and embraces his decision. For the coronation, she wears a long white gown.

Throughout this chapter, Jeanne overcomes many struggles that many others do not have to face. She succeeds in life despite her Japanese descent and learns to embrace that others appreciate her for her whether or not she is Japanese and that she can succeed in life despite her ethnicity.