Whopper Cake

By: Karma Wilson


The characters in this book are Granddad, Grandma, and some city folks that helped put the icing on the whopper cake


The settings in this book are granddad's and grandma's house, outside in the truck, and the grocery story.


This book is about how Granddad wants to make a cake Grandma, but not just any ordinary cake: a whopper cake! Granddad tries to make it in his big mixing bowl, but it's too small, so he bakes it in the back of the truck. While he drives to the grocery store to get icing, it was so hot outside that the cake baked! When he was driving back home to put icing on the cake, the city folk saw the big cake and helped Granddad put the icing on. When Grandma came home, she loved her whopper cake!