Childhood Obesity

Nutrition in the News By: Monica Mudd

Doctors: Childhood obesity prevention must start sooner

Article Summary

Childhood obesity is continuing to be a growing problem. Obesity has doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents, confirming that more than one third of children and teens are overweight or obese in the US. Medical professionals are beginning to realize there needs to be more attention placed on prevention of childhood obesity, rather than the focus on treatment of obesity. Health professionals are being taught the risk factors associated with this growing problem, such as; prenatal risk factors (obese parents, smoking mother), non breastfed infants, infants who do not get enough sleep, and children who gain weight rapidly. By monitoring weight and growth rates and by teaching healthy habits every health visit, we can try to prevent this growing problem. Parents and children need education on healthy eating habits. Some families may live in hard situations, using this as an excuse for their bad eating and living habits. Teaching ways to avoid unhealthy, sugary, processed food and ways of eating healthy foods like; local farmers markets, local stores with healthy canned foods) is an important way to improve these families eating habits. Some families may need the guidance to seek support from programs such as WIC and SNAP to promote healthy food available to the family. Healthy nutrition and activity have been proven to be important in prevention of the growing health concern.

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This article was written by Bianca Seidman and published by CBS News. Bianca is a fairly well known editor and journalist. She writes about many topics in the news today such as; general news, culture, science and technology, social justice and public health. She has a special interest in healthcare and writing on this topic. She earn her creditability from publishing for well known companies like CBS, ABC, and PBS. She shares all of this personal and informative information on her LinkedIn page to share with her employers and those who enjoy her writings for contact. This article of hers, about childhood obesity, is very well written and her provided information is from creditable sources. Her sources included statements from doctors and scientific studies, such as the study done from the New England Journal of Medicine. The conclusions of this topic is also very well thought into. The 3 main discussions of Early Risk Factors, Healthy habits, and and Cost and Coverage are well discussed. Bianca Seidman started her writing perfectly by catching your attention and giving the important facts on this topic. This draws the reader in and leads to them wanting to know more of the topic being discussed. It is important that she goes into detail on the key elements and why this continuing growing problem in still occurring in the world. It was a very easy to read and easy to understand and comprehend article. This makes this article relatable and comprehendible to many individuals. This was very well written and informative article discussing a growing problem in healthcare and nutrition in the news today.

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