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What is happening in 5th grade??

Setting Sail for the New World

Last week the kids got to experience what it would be like to sail to the New World as a colonist. This week they will be divided into colonies and will be learning about what the colonists had to to do when setting up our great nation! The students will be keeping a journal and writing about their "fates" each day. We will also be incorporating team work and challenges into this unit to go along with our Fun Fridays.

Learning Targets for the Week

Math - Finish up testing Monday and Tuesday.

Social Studies - What were the hardships the colonists faced when setting up the New World?

Science - what tools do we use to predict the weather. We will be making some weather tools this week and there are a few items that the students need to gather.

* empty soda or water bottles to make thermometers.

Spelling - this week we will be doing a vocabulary and spelling test over words that would go with Thanksgiving. Students will have a vocabulary menu to fill out to help them learn the meanings of the words but will also have some activities to help them practice the spelling of the words.

Reading - Using context clues to infer the meanings of unknown words and we will be introducing QAR. The students will be reading a piece about traveling on the Mayflower and what it was really like. We will be doing a close reading with this piece and the students will be answering different types of questions and deciphering vocabulary words that are unfamiliar to them.

Turkey in Disguise

The kids did a great job on disguising their turkeys!! This week we will be working on turning them into QR codes and hiding them around the building for our Kindergarten Buddies to find. The kids will also have a writing piece that will be written from the point of view of the turkey and their plan on staying off of Farmer Brown's Thanksgiving dinner table!!

Calendar of Events

FRIDAY, November 12 – Picture Retake and Candid shots starting at 10:30

Wednesday, November 27-Friday, November 28—Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 4 – PTO Meeting at 5:30-6:30

Vocabulary and Spelling for the Week

  • aroma
  • savory
  • edible
  • poultry
  • succulent
  • gorge
  • gratitude
  • ritual
  • entree
  • devour

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