Open Letter Chairman Terry Newlin

Terry Newlin, really am frustrated ... all season we 'sort of' communicated ... that was a good thing. I'm on record ... that you are a 'keeper'. After the LAST banning from the Official Facebook I called the Office and spoke with Melissa. Terry Newlin, RBMC has a real smart a$$ there ... either that or she was 'putting on a show' for someone she wanted to IMPRESS. At any rate ... NO MORE am I 'blocked' because of RON WHITTINGTON (recall those 'lost' minutes of July 2017). I was RE-BANNED because of "copying" on April 15 and posting on the World Wide Web. I asked the smart a$$ if I could see a COPY of what I copied. NO ... that would be up to the Board to RELEASE!!! Curious I did look what I posted on April 15. Here it is for ALL to read. Terry Newlin, SHAMEFUL!!!

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Marty Reiker would like to address a few things.

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First the newsletter.

The front page

  • The front page does not tell us there is a boil water notice in place. It says anytime u startup a notice is to be posted. Why not just post a big boil water notice?
  • On the same front page, it is basically telling us not to trust the office staff with our money.

2nd page

2nd page tells

  • us they haven't even replaced blown out lights and to
  • stay out of the member-owned guard shack.

3rd page

3rd page says they

  • are working hard but
  • haven't done anything.

4th page

4th page tells us that we

  • have pointed out necessary improvements (they didn't see apparently).
  • Along with they filled the maintenance position with an already employed person. Did they seek out anyone else or just draw straws?

Page 6

Page 6 worried about saving money on paper

  • but proceeded to cut down several trees at an unbudgeted expense

Page 7

And once again on page 7,
  • they tell us how bad of shape the park is in.

Members the past 9 months has been nothing but turmoil.

Since last June

We have had, at the least, 5 different sets of BOD members since last June.

  • Now we have a BOD of 7;
  • 3 of which were elected by the membership,
  • 4 of which were never elected by the membership.
  • Along with the officer positions being held by inexperienced, unknowledgeable, people. Now no manager!



  • They hired a 15-year veteran plumber and

I have 15 years of RBMC KNOWLEDGE

Funny that I have 15 years of RBMC KNOWLEDGE and they wanted nothing but to come up with bogus reasoning to remove me from my member voted seat.

  • Having total disregard to the member wishes.
  • This is a member-owned community not a dictatorship with the say and doings of a few.
  • It is of utmost importance that we as members step up to take back our member rights.

Take a good look at who is taking care of business

With all this, IMO it is of great importance for everyone to take a good look at who is taking care of business.

  • As RBMC has grown into a multi-million dollar corp.
  • We need professionals to get us up to date, in all aspects of our continuing growth.
  • Our documents are outdated and most of our bylaws and rules and regulations need to be brought up to present day operable direction.

Get involved,

explore the property management proposal,

exercise your rights.

Demand to be heard

***** AND MOST OF ALL *****

NOMINATE trust worthy,

NOMINATE knowledge able members

NOMINATE members to represent your voice.

DEMAND your vote to be acknowledged.

Marty Reiker

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"We now have a President that has absolutely no experience on the board and was not elected." (Past RBMC Director)

Been here ten years and this is a monumental first big screw up by management.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ***** deleted
Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 11:47 AM
Subject: inexperience

Inexperience is the culprit at all levels of management, those elected and those we pay, and those members that think everything is peachy keen. In the real world outside River Bend, there are real-world problems that each of us must face and effect a solution. Otherwise, in the real world, there are usually unpleasant consequences.

Been here ten years and this is a monumental first big screw up by management. On the positive side, it has been recognized things didn't go according to plan but on the negative experienced leaders would have had a clue as to what happened or what was likely to happen and fell on their sword sooner than at the eleventh hour or took aggressive remedial actions when it would have made a difference. But inexperience cannot think of or fathom unusual methods to ensure that the park is being maintained correctly for the enjoyment of all members.

Suggest management reach out to Park members who have experience. Will any now say yes or say no because their experience wasn't welcome when offered? Likely the order of the day will be continued reliance on those who have shown and or demonstrated a lack of experience.

Or is this just "FATE" and we must accept it as such?

River Bend Membership Corporation - RBMC

Admin ·

"Dear Fellow Members:

We are incredibly frustrated and we have no excuses. We could blame the weather, we could blame the vendors, we could blame that we lost maintenance personnel, we could blame the personnel we lost because they did not perform. We could blame the dysfunction of prior management. We could give you a song and dance.
But we won't.

Opening weekend and the park is a mess.

The roads have pot holes and cuts from upgrades. There are piles of dirt everywhere from upgrades.

The blacktop has not been done. The speed bumps are not painted.

Pine tree trunks are on side of road near ranger station.

3 bathhouse still have busted pipes. Many pipes are burst in park.

Not a good start for opening day to say the least.

The truth is we were afraid of this. We have been riding herd to get these things done.

We are taking a close look as to why these things occurred and are trying to put a plan together to fix this and make sure that we improve for the future.

The Good news is that the new maintenance supervisor has been working until 9 at night to get things in order.

We know that it is a lot to ask, but please bear with us as we move to get this done.

The Board will be addressing these issues with the Park Manager as to why the schedule wasn’t adhere to.”

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Unofficial, unconfirmed, assembled various sources (River Bend Membership Corporation has NOT participated).

Spring 2017

  • Brenda H appointed to Board

Spring 2017

To include appointments, the Board of River Bend Park included.
  • Ada W
  • Roy K
  • Brenda H
  • Carl K
  • Rob M

Annual Election 2017

Elected by default vote

  • Ron W
  • Marty S
  • NOTE: Ron W and Marty S were the only two candidates for three Board Of Director vacancies

June 2017

River Bend Park WOULD HAVE HAD
  • Ron W on the Board in June 2017
  • Marty S on the Board in June 2017
  • Ada W on the Board in June 2017
  • Rob M on the Board in June 2017
  • Carl K on the Board in June 2017
  • Brenda H on the Board in June 2017

BUT ...
  • Ada W was removed
  • Rob M was removed
  • Brenda H resigned (sort of, she left the Annual Meeting)

Annual Meeting 2017

  • Ada W removed by members attending Annual Meeting
  • Rob M removed by members attending Annual Meeting
  • Marty R nominated from the floor
  • Buddy P nominated from the floor
  • Ray J nominated from the floor
  • Marty R elected show of hands those attending Annual Meeting
  • Buddy P elected show of hands those attending Annual Meeting
  • Ray J elected show of hands those attending Annual Meeting

June 2017

  • Brenda H resigns (again) from Board
  • Carl K resigns from Board
  • Roy K resigns from Board
  • Marty S resigns from Board

* Note June 2017

During a Period June 2017
  • River Bend Park has only Ron W as a 'seated' Board of Director

June / July 2017

  • Bill B is appointed by Ron W
  • Bill B passes RIP

July 2017

Corrected ... The announcement of the voiding of Ray J, Marty R, and Buddy P was made by Carl with Brenda, Marty S, Roy, and Ron on the board

  • Ray J verbally informed and leaves Board (nothing in writing but sources unable to verify)
  • Marty R verbally informed and leaves Board (nothing in writing but sources unable to verify)
  • Buddy P verbally informed and leaves Board (nothing in writing but sources unable to verify)

*Note at the time

  • Ron W may have ... ??? (sources unsure)
  1. Fired the RBMC attorney
  2. Been using a member for free legal advice

John C is appointed by Ron W

  • Ron W is one of two on the River Bend Park Board
  • John C is one of two on the River Bend Park Board

August 2017

Orchestrating the "Special Vote / Special Meeting"

  • A select group of members got together & petitioned for special election
  • Ron W did not acknowledge the petition
  • Members of the select group hired a lawyer
  • Ron W entered into a 'deal' with the select group to avoid litigation
  • Ron W wrote up the deal
  • Liaisons for the select group accepted his deal
  • Ron W reneged on the deal with the select group
  • Presented the "Special Vote / Special Meeting" as his own idea
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September 2017

"Special Vote / Special Meeting"

UPDATE. Brought to my attention there were TWO votes.

7:24 PM Sunday, February 4, 2018, Revising September as follows.

There were 5 successful candidates.

In alphabetical order.

  • Buddy P
  • John G
  • Kathy S
  • Marty R
  • Ray J


  1. Bod called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Present: John Garey, Ray Jackson, Buddy Pendleton, Reiker, Kathy Sease, Ron Whittington, John Cress (by phone) and Chris Miller (General Manager).
  3. Purpose of this meeting was to nominate and vote on officer positions and Bod Discussion.
  4. Marty asked to have the duties of each position, per current RBMC by-laws, be read, so as all would be aware of the duties as written before accepting a position. All agreed.
  5. Secretary- Ron W. Nominated Marty R. Marty Received a unanimous vote.
  6. Chairman of the Board – Marty Reiker nominated Buddy Pendleton . He received a unanimous vote for this position.
  7. President- Ron W. was nominated by John G. and Ray J. was nominated by Marty R. for this position. Both nominees were asked to present their reasons they would be the best candidate. Ron and Ray both spoke.
  8. During question and answer Buddy advised that W.V.Code requires we have 3 directors at all times. If this should happen again, be sure to follow code. He made this a matter of record. Also for the record, according to Robert’s Rule, the chairman does not vote unless there is a tie breaker.
  9. Vote for President by show of hands. Votes for Ron= 4 votes yes. 4 votes carried.
  10. Vice President- John C was lone nominee. Vote was 5 yes and Ray J. Abstained.
  11. Treasure- Buddy nominated Kathy S.
  12. Marty added that Peter expressed the fact that he needed the treasure to be available every Friday. The reasoning is to sign payroll checks and any other checks for bills, etc. Payroll checks are sent out every 2 weeks.
  13. Kathy stated she is usually here on Friday. Buddy’s nomination for Kathy stands. Marty ask if Ray would be interested in the treasure position? Ray stated he could not be here on Fridays. Vote called for Kathy – unanimous yes vote.
  14. Positions are set as follows: COB – Buddy Pendleton
  15. President- Ron Whittington
  16. Vice President- John Cress
  17. Secretary- Marty Reiker
  18. Treasure- Kathy Sease
  19. Chris asked about the 2 remaining directors. Marty Read from the by-laws ( section 6.8 other directors) where it states the President can add positions to accommodate these two bod members.
  20. Respectfully submitted,
  21. Marty Reiker, RBMC Secretary


  1. Buddy called the meeting to order at 1:12p.m.
  2. PRESENT: Ron W., Ray J., Buddy P., Marty R., Sue Pendleton (finance committee), Peter K.( RBMC, financial officer ).
  3. ABSENT: John C. vacation, John G. out of town, Kathy S. visiting with daughter.

  1. Sue stated herself and Peter had been talking extensively about this budget. They have had a very short time to put this together. Last years’ budget did not account for expenses that it should have. Last year Monies over spent, items in the budget that should have not been in there. She wants to go over the budget line by line.
  2. RBMC had approx. 1598 lot dues collected in 2017. It was decided to go with the number 1600 lot paying dues for the purpose of this budget. Last year they used 1525. (That is all they could validate). May have been impacted because a policy was put into place to not charge dues after the month of September. At last years’ budget meeting, members were told no changes could be made to the budget. They would either accept or reject.
  3. Ray asked about the surplus funds from 2016. Peter stated it is approx. $110,000.00.
  4. Line by line items were discussed.
  5. It was discussed that the previous overages were put in WWTP and then the funds to go to Electrical Upgrade. Needs to be put in a dedicated fund as voted by the membership.
  6. Buddy expressed that he would like to see the pass policy relook at prices and make and have available for a vote of the membership in 2018 and implement the change as of Jan 1,2019.
  7. Ray questioned the work order income. Seemed to be very low figure. We went from $4000 one year to $57.00 this year.
  8. Sue explained that any unpredictable items are NOT included in the budget.
  9. Ray asked if Larry pays for his ads. No one seems to have the answer.
  10. Salaries for all dept. were discussed. Last year $779152.50 was total salaries for all depts. $183,000.00 for admin. this year $200,000.00. Marty asked for clarification. Peter stated he had been advised that the office would be staying open 7 days a week during open season.. This number came from the Pres. and general Manager. Ray asked for discussion. Peter stated this figure also was to hire 1 additional seasonal office person. Buddy said it doesn’t feel we transact enough income to be justify being open on a Wed. RON said “This is the first time I heard of it”. Peter said he did not make this up. Buddy moved to stay with the staff we have and to use the current figure. Ray disagreed. Ray says to be sure to include any raises. Peter discussed he is getting ready to train another office person to do payroll. Peter says he is the only person who knows what employees’ salaries are. Marty has concern. Bod voted to use $180,000.00. Vote was unanimous.
  11. Maintenance salaries were discussed. Peter provided the info that Chris M. salary is ¼ maint. + ¾ admin. If another person is added to maint. Then it needs to be adjusted. Our BY-Laws states we must fill “KEY” position. A vote was taken on filling the “Key position” RON disagrees and don’t see a need for a head over Maint. Marty says maint. is not accountable for their time. Ray says Chris can’t be everywhere all the time. Result: RON W. NO , RAY J. YES, Marty R. yes, Buddy P. yes. “KEY POSITION IN MAINTENANCE WILL BE FILLED.” $280,000.00 is good figure for maint. salaries. 5 day work week off season—6 day work week on season.
  12. Security Salaries were discussed. 4 guards per shift in off season- 5 guards per shift in the on season. Basically no changes to be made. Marty had concern as to if the security completes training ,then would salaries go up. Vote was taken. Ron W. yes, Ray J. yes, Marty R. yes, Buddy P. yes.
  13. Salary for Recreation is good as stands. $7200.00.
  14. Continued line by line.
  15. Repair and Maintenance- A better coding needs to be put in place for Peter to correctly enter figures. We need to go back to purchase orders. Sue asked to add $25,000.00 in building. All in favor. Some repairs need to be repaired before the end of year and this years’ budgeted money used. Sue mentioned having a CPO. (Certified Pool Operator) Bod decided to add this training to new maint. employee. Peter explained he thought it was around $8,000.00 to upgrade electric coming into the park. We need to upgrade and spend the money allocated for the playground. Peter stated this is the first year the WWTP is off the Warranty.
  16. Capital Equipment Security- Sue suggested to purchase 3 new Mules for security. Each shift would then be responsible for their own vehicle. Sue got a quote from Twiggs Cycle. ( Proposal attached).
  17. The total would be $32,510.00. This price is only if we purchase 3. Each vehicle would then only have 8 hours added per day. Savings would be noticed in gas usage. Kathy S. presented a proposal to purchase older trucks at auction. ( proposal attached.) Sue also offered a #2 option. Ask the members to use the surplus funds for the 3 mules. She has budgeted $35,000.00. It was noted there needs to be a Quorum for the disposition of funds. Ron wants to be realistic and purchase small trucks.( not 4-wheel drive). He says we need vehicles to run around this park. He suggests the person Kathy suggested. Sue asked if this person was a member of the park? If it is a park member it needs to be disclosed to the membership. Ron wants to go with this person to pick out the truck. Sue stated RBMC can not do financial transactions with RON, unless disclosed. He wants to save the members money. Ray has concern over getting around the park with larger vehicle on busy weekends. Sue asked about warranty and cost of gas and maintenance of used vehicles. Buddy asked that a security employee be brought in for his input. DON D. was asked to come in and give his opinion. He said they have no heat in any vehicle and most vehicles are in bad shape. He asked for 3 dependable vehicles. Ron wants to do away with golf carts. A bod vote was taken. Results are as follows: $20,000.00 put in security vehicle line item. Ron- yes Ray –yes Marty- yes Buddy –yes. Making the priority: pick-up first, mule and then golf cart.
  18. Land sales money is not in the budget and is placed in an escrow account. Peter said that last year money was taken out for Dyna Mark and new pool furniture and the shading and storage building at the pool area. Marty expressed concern that this money is being spent by the bod without the members knowledge. This money is basically a slush fund. Sue stated there is $87,000.00 left in this account right now. Surplus is only budgeted monies.
  19. Electric upgrade funds were discussed. $ 112,000.00 budgeted + Approx. $75,000.00 from pass monies + $30,000.00 from surplus funds.
  20. Sue asked to zero balance credit card fees. We already have admin charges. Buddy says to charge a convenience fee for credit card transactions. Must charge the right amount. This line item #80500 needs to be removed.
  21. Continued line by line.
  22. On the line item for badges, Buddy inquired to office on the number of badges we have in stock. 2100 proximity badges left at a cost of $8.75. This should cover the printing also.
  23. Buddy expressed the office needs to keep supplies in the office.
  24. Pool Management- discussion on contract and supplies for pool. Peter will check on costs of chemicals. Ron said he renegotiated the original pool contract. Original amount was $56,504. New amount is $48,804. A difference of $7,700.( proposals attached)Ron said he sent out e-mails , however no one seemed to receive them. There is a big issue with the hours the pool is to be open. Marty asked to make sure we budget enough. Marty expressed concern over cost of chemicals and if we have budgeted enough under pool supplies. Ron stated Super Splash was recommended by Berkeley County Health Dept. Sue asked if everybody is good with $50,000.00? Vote results= Ray-abstain Ron-yes Buddy yes Marty yes.
  25. Pool supplies- Marty wants a good figure there. WE will Question Peter on this one.
  26. Buddy stated the Bod needs to get with the committee and give them a budget figure.
  27. Training- Marty noted there is no training amount for security. She also asked to add money for security training. Sue suggested $1,000.00. This will be added. All agree. Ron thinks it will be a higher amount.
  28. Telephone- Marty questioned the charge for rec phone. $644.00 is an over charge this year.
  29. Ron asked, “ What’s the bottom line?” “ What is the fee for the members?” Marty stated it is on the front page at the top right hand corner. Marty said right now it is $1352.00 with assessments included.
  30. Ray stated the dues will be less, however we are actually asking for $100,000.00 more.
  31. Sue brought up Kathy’s questions and ideas.- Putt- Putt donations? Sue explained donations are income not a budgeted item. Returned check charges- This is also income and is collected from the members and is not a budget item. Also she is working on cost of a wheel –chair ramp at ranger station. We do not have time to put that in this years’ budget. We need costs. Buddy suggested having fund raisers for this.
  32. Buddy adjourned the meeting at 6:07, seconded by Marty Reiker.
  33. Recorded on file # 170923.
  34. Respectfully submitted,
  35. Marty Reiker, RBMC SECRETARY.

Meeting with Wright –Gardner Insurance September 29, 2017

Present : Kathy S., Ron W., John G., Marty R., Peter K. ( accountant), & Chris M. (General Manager)

  1. Blakely started the meeting. RBMC currently pays a premium of $21,960. For 1 year. Dates being Oct. 1, 2017 thru Oct. 1, 2018. Last year the cost was approx. $19,500.
  2. Wright –Gardner provides many other services. Some of which are : webinars, corp. attorney, employee handbook preparation and updates, HR Dept for advice. The cost to RBMC is $300.00 per year.
  3. We have been advised that RBMC Employee handbook did not fare out so well and we actually received an “F” grade. They can prepare a new handbook to which we pay for the first year and they upgrade for free each year after.
  4. Blakeley stated our workers Comp. Ins will increase approx $7000.00 for the next couple years if there are no further incidents. WE were declined by 12 companies. At present we still have 1 open case. AS long as we have a case open we loose.
  5. Chris M. stated he does safety meetings each Monday.
  6. It was mentioned by Blakely that it could be beneficial to the corporation if we tried to implement some safety measures. Individual Golf Cart Insurance provided by each member could possibly be a point in our favor when she goes to negotiations next year. Possibly bringing our costs down and RBMC up to date.
  7. The pool being operated by our own lifeguards was the next topic. Blakely will check on exact price but fells sure it would add $5,000-$6,000 to the premium.
  8. She also mentioned each Board member should contact their own insurance co. and disclose the fact that they serve as a BOD.
  9. In addition, Our current coverage does NOT include committee members. And we need to make sure the security guards are checking vendors for certificates of Insurance.

October 2017

Ron W calls to remove Marty R from Board.
  • 4 bod members want the attorney present at the removal meeting.


  1. Buddy called the meeting to order at: 8:01 p.m.
  2. BOD MEMBERS PRESENT : Buddy P., Ray J., John C., Kathy S., John G., Ron W., Marty R.
  3. Buddy asked Marty to e-mail all minutes to all BOD members. She explained she explained all minutes are current and she will try to e-mail and will file in the RBMC office as soon as she gets back down there.
  4. Buddy asked if the missing minutes are done? Kathy responded, yes they are printed and in the office and the recording is on Chris’s computer private drive.
  5. Marty asked for the cost to transcribe those minutes. Kathy said cost was $387.00. She also added there were some missing and one was found for the Aug.11th meeting and they are being transcribed right now at a cost of $30.00. Buddy mentioned that since the one found was from a 3rd party, it should be noted as such.
  6. Marty interjected by asking if anybody has the 2nd recorder going as decided by the BOD? Kathy said she was recording on her computer. Buddy asked her to shoot that over to Chris.

  1. Ron stated it was postponed about a week; due to weather and the fact that we started late.
  2. Friday or the beginning of next week we should be able to do the pressure test.


  1. Ron said the cost is going to be roughly a total of $17,000.00.
  2. MES is going to do a contract.
  3. AS soon as he gets the contract he is going to break it up as to all the cost that is involved.
  4. One thing that you have to realize, too, we are paying for all the chemicals up front.
  5. That will be part of that $17,000.
  6. We already have $14,000 from this years, that we saved on the pool by not paying Patriot Pools, so that $14,000 and Peter says he can extract a couple of thousand here and there to pay for the $17,000 for MES to install it.
  7. Marty asked how much was the injectors?
  8. Ron replied $900.00.
  9. Marty stated she had a problem with the figures being given, because, the BOD has received too many different amounts.
  10. She asked to see everything in writing.
  11. Ron come back with, “That’s why I am asking for A CONTRACT, OK, READ MY LIPS.”
  12. Marty boastfully said “ Don’t get smart tonight Ron, because I’m not going to listen to your smart shit.”
  13. Ron came back with, “You know what, this conversation is over, when you all learn not to cuss, then give me a call, goodbye.”
  14. Ron departed from the conference call after only 11 Min. 25 sec.
  15. Marty went on to explain to the rest of the BOD, that she had gone through all the minutes and she should not be the only one with concern.
  16. We have been given so many different prices for these injectors, at first we were told $300.00 a piece, then Sept 17th $900.00 a piece, then Oct.21st they would be $3000.00 and he didn’t know if that was a piece or together.
  17. We should all be questioning these amounts.
  18. John G. said wait for the contract to come in.
  19. Everything else is here say.


  1. Kathy was asked if she had any thoughts.
  2. Once Finance Committee is up and running, herself and Michele Cress can work on.
  3. Buddy stated this is actually an employee duty.
  4. Member files are not to have any member involvement.
  5. Treasure is responsible for sending out delinquent dues notices.
  6. Kathy will look into this.


  1. Buddy brought up the issue of who was signing permits.
  2. Are these being approved or rubber stamped?
  3. How should we proceed?
  4. Maybe involve A&E committee.
  5. Marty stated the properties in the flood zone should be monitored more closely.
  6. Ray added his knowledge on A&E permitting.
  7. He stated the proper way to apply and follow through with permits at RBMC and Berkeley County.
  8. He added, not all A&E permits need Berkeley County Permit.
  9. Buddy asked to task the A&E Committee to research what requires what permit.
  10. Marty asked to make a suggestion.
  11. We have not established what our extra Bod Members are going to be assigned.
  12. John Cress is over security.
  13. She would like these assignments be established so as committees know who to go to and these duties be assigned.
  14. She asked , since Ray already has the knowledge of A&E, would he be interested in taking on this task?
  15. Kathy stated she has the committee list and assignments can be made.
  16. Buddy said Let’s get to it.


  1. A&E --------- Ray Jackson
  2. Audit -------- Reports to COB, President or Treasure
  3. By-Laws -------- John Garey
  4. Security ------- John Cress.
  5. Inspectors of Election---- no BOD interference.
  6. Finance---- Kathy Sease
  7. Pass Policy---- more of a AD-HOC.
  8. Planning & Development--------- John Garey
  9. Traffic & Safety-------- John Cress
  10. Rec and events--- Marty R. activities, Kathy S. money.
  11. Buddy asked John G. To tell the bylaw John G. ask who to contact on the by-laws committee.
  12. He needs to get in touch with Danny Clark.


  1. Buddy stated he has about 2 more hours of work to put into this and when ready will go out to BOD.
  2. Once approved it needs to go to office personnel.
  3. Could be grounds for dismissal if not followed by employees.
  4. Audit committee should be used for this.


  1. After reading Jim Ottman’s e-mails, the entry system is a disaster.
  2. We have a $30,000.00 system that is going to require an additional $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 to get up and running.
  3. This system is a card reader door entry system.
  4. Fiber needs to be run to put into place. John G. asked to have a paper system in force for down time.
  5. The cost of these proximity badges, that have anything to do with the gate system, cost us $8.00 compared to the regular badges at a cost of .75 a piece.
  6. We are $60,000.00 into something that a year later is still not working right.
  7. Dyna-mark doesn’t seem to want to get this working.
  8. Marty was questioning the price and what we have paid on this system.
  9. There is still a discrepancy in payments.
  10. A decision needs to be made as to what direction to go.
  11. John C. stated the Dyna -Mark people don’t seem to know what they are doing and Jim O. seemed to know more.
  12. The BOD decided to use Jim O. for his opinion and follow up with our options.
  13. John C. asked for this to be working before April.

PTO Carry over-

  1. The current policy is to carry over 80 hours.
  2. We have a few employees over.
  3. John G. suggested to allow additional carry-over since this has been an exceptional year with no BOD being in place, and they have had to work extra hard to keep RBMC running efficiently.
  4. Ray discussed the hours earned each year could cause an overage next year.
  5. Marty was also concerned with overages next year.
  6. Buddy stated this is an ONE TIME DEAL!
  7. Ray suggested something in writing to allow this for one time thing.
  8. The BOD concluded: There can be a roll-over of 120 hours with the stipulation that 40 hours of that 120 must be used by 3/31/2018.
  9. Any remaining hours comes with the option of a payout or a rollover of those additional hours.
  10. BOD called for a vote: Buddy-yes Ray-yes John G.- yes John C. – yes Kathy-yes Marty – yes.
  11. Buddy continued to explain the old system we had for the gate was LOBBY TRAC.
  12. There was an upgrade to a version that we have and we paid with tax $8, 776.80.
  13. He explained the old system. We might be able to revert back to this old system.
  14. See if we still have LOBBY TRAC and maybe use that as a backup system.
  15. We need to consult with Jim O.
  16. Kathy will put the PTO policy in place.
  17. Marty wants to check with Wright –Gardner about upgrading the employee handbook.
  18. They would have an initial charge and free upgrades every year after.
  19. Including state and local changes.
  20. She will look into this.

Marty had some additional items to discuss.

  1. Asked John C. if anything has been done to bring the fire extinguishers and first aid kits up to standard in the security area?
  2. No, but he will look into.
  3. $1,000.00 left in budget.
  4. Did we receive our refund of $500.00 from the carnival ?
  5. Kathy will ask Pete.
  6. Did Chris come up with a price to change the grade of wire used in previous upgrades?
  7. Buddy stated those properties have a 40amp breaker instead of a 50 amp breaker, and that gauge wire is up to code with that wire buried underground.
  8. We would be best served to do it as a needed basis, if there is an issue.
  9. Ray stated he paid for 50 amp service.
  11. Patriot Pool refund ?- Kathy said the letter was returned and they are now out of business.
  12. Yes
  13. Kathy has Peter straightened out the pass policy money into the correct line items?

    6. Was anything done about getting purchase orders in place? OPEN ITEM

    7. Buffer Zone charges and who should pay and the price ? Is it just the 68 block or since the members along the 69 block, who also use the buffer zone, are they being charged and should they be? Need to get more info on this and put together agreement.


  1. Kathy said Chris wants to know in writing how to handle member concern forms.
  2. Buddy stated we should be copied on it.
  3. Buddy suggested as long as he send us a copy and what is done.
  4. A resolution should then be placed in the member file.


Buddy moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:14p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Marty Reiker, RBMC SECRETARY.

Recorder file # 171114.

December 2017

Marty R remains on the Board

January 2018

Special Meeting called

  • Kathy S. (member elected) called for special meeting
  • John C (not member elected) is the second signature required for the Removal Meeting
  • Buddy P (member elected) to be removed (by BOD vote) from Board
  • Marty R (member elected) to be removed (by BOD vote) from Board

RBMC BOD MEETING Jan. 20, 2018.

  1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by COB, Buddy Pendleton.
  2. Directors present- Ron Whittington, John Cress, John Gary, Ray Jackson, Kathy Sease, Marty Reiker, Buddy Pendleton.
  3. Chris Miller-park manager was present.
  4. The Bod held a reading and review session of the previous minutes.
  5. The meaning of executive session was read from Robert’s Rules of Order #11 latest edition.
  6. Sept. 16, 2017 Minutes – Approved with no additions or corrections
  7. Sept. 17, 2017 Minutes- Approved with no additions or corrections
  8. Sept. 23, 2017 Minutes- Ron ask for a stipulation on a comment he made about Filling the maintenance manager position. Tape will be played for review for correction.
  9. Sept. 29, 2017- Contract meeting with Insurance carrier. Notes taken by Marty Only. Add to the contract Book.
  10. Oct. 1, 2017- Executive session in review.
  11. Oct. 18, 2017- Minutes- Approved with no additions or corrections.
  12. Oct. 21, 2017- This was this Bod’s first open Bod meeting. Minutes will be read at first open Bod meeting in 2018 season.
  13. Oct. 30,2017- Kathy Sease stipulated to add these minutes to executive session.
  14. Nov.15, 2017- Minutes- Approved with no additions or corrections.
  15. Dec. 5, 2017- Minutes- Marty asked for an addition to the minutes. The statement she made to Ron W. was in retaliation of his bullying her. Approved .
  16. Jan. 3, 2018- Minutes approved with no additions or corrections.
  17. Chris Miler gave his General Manager’s Report. SEE ATTACHED*
  18. Discussion was held on the purchase of a stand-by water pump. Shelf life and warranty were part of the discussion. Chris will get info to answer the questions.
  19. The MES (Maryland Environmental Service) contract for the maintenance and service of the 3 RBMC Swimming Pool System was discussed and approved at a cost of $8545.00, for the period of Jan 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, price to include: Labor, mileage, equipment repair, supplies, labs, chemicals, and repair parts.
  20. Chris gave a handout titled- Maintenance Update. He ask for this to be uploaded to the web page.
  21. Ron Whittington mentioned the Mold Issue Repair will take place in 3 phases. #1= demolition #2 rebuilding #3 repair of gap in wood on outside of Ranger Station.
  22. Meeting was adjourned by Buddy Pendleton at 12:58p.m.
  23. Respectfully Submitted,
  24. Marty Reiker, RBMC, Secretary.

February 2018

Special Meeting for removal Buddy R and Marty R from Board
  • Day and time for Special Meeting comes and goes.
  • 72 hours later, no word released by RBMC regarding the Board vote at the meeting.
Big picture

February 3, 2018 RBMC - BOD Special Meeting in the RBMC office

Meeting called to order by John Cress at 9:07 am

Directors present in person: Ron Whittington, President, John Cress, Vice President, Kathy Sease, Treasurer, John Garey, Director

John Cress with be acting Chairman in Buddy Pendleton's absence &

Chris Miller, Assistant Secretary will be taking the minutes in Marty Reikers absence.

Directors absent from meeting and did not call into teleconference: Buddy Pendleton, Chairman, Marty Reiker, Secretary, Ray Jackson, Director

Purpose of meeting: Bylaws Section 4.13 - Removal of a Directors Buddy Pendleton & Marty Reiker. Any Director shall be subject to the removal from the board, with cause, by the Board of Directors, prior to a members meeting if a majority shall vote for such removal.

(Kathy Sease made a statement based on statements made, screenshots she received and emails that 3 directors were holding a grudge toward Ron Whittington for not reappointing them back in the fall. They planned on making the board dysfunctional until they could get Ron off the board, in her opinion.)

John C called for Kathy to supply the evidence against Buddy Pendleton for removal with cause.

Buddy Pendleton:

Cause for removal will include:

Bylaws Section 4.13

1) Conduct deemed unbecoming of a board member, to include: a) Documented acts of physical assault or battery, threats/actions of physical violence, threats/actions against personal property, extortion, and/or the use of coercion against other directors, corporation members and/or employees. b) A documented pattern of abuse of position/authority to include succeeding in obtaining rights, privileges and/or concepts they wish to have or achieve, etc.

Supporting evidence:

-Telling office staff to change policy so you didn't have to pay the credit card fee when paying your dues along with your brother-in-law, your wife's brother also didn't pay the fee but all the other members of the park was charged the fee if they paid by credit card.

-Calling for a vote as to which version of the bylaws to use in a board meeting. Article V

-Not running our meetings correctly or orderly

-False information about executive meetings when asked

-Plaintiffs was not able to defend their case when only the director involved was allowed to state their case.

-Stalling the correct vetting process

-Vulgar emails (sexual innuendos toward other directors)

-Threats in emails to other chairman of a committee

-Threat to a committee member

7) Tampering with personal files of Directors, RBMC members and/or employees of RBMC. Tampering is defined as: a) The unauthorized removal of such files; b) The unauthorized removal or destruction of items contained in such files; and/or c) Disclosure of personal or financial information contained in such files

Supporting evidence:

-Interference with the return of the minutes from the Secretary

-False information about the recorder being a part of corporate records

Section 4.12 - Confidences.

Supporting evidence:

-Interference with the return of the minutes from the Secretary

Section 6.1 - Chairman of the Board.

Supporting evidence:

-Not running our meetings correctly or orderly

-Calling for a vote as to which version of the bylaws to use in a board meeting. Article V

-False information about executive meetings when asked

-Plaintiffs was not able to defend their case when only the director involved was allowed to state their case.

-Stalling the correct vetting process

-Vulgar emails (sexual innuendos toward other directors)

-Threats in emails to other chairman of a committee

-Threat to a committee member

Section 19.2 - Amendments.

Supporting evidence:

-Calling for a vote as to which version of the bylaws to use in a board meeting. Article V

Section 18.3 - Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, General Manager and Finance Manager.

Supporting evidence:

-Telling office staff to change policy so you didn't have to pay the credit card fee when paying your dues

-False information about executive meetings when asked

-Plaintiffs was not able to defend their case when only the director involved was allowed to state their case.

Buddy Pendleton chose not to attend the meeting to offer his defense.

John Cress calls for motion to vote the removal of Buddy Pendleton, with cause. John Garey seconded the motion. Vote by state our names and yay or nay. The vote was unanimous for yay. As of 9:20 am - Buddy Pendleton is no longer on the board of directors of RBMC.

John C called for Kathy to supply the evidence against Marty Reiker for removal with cause at


Marty Reiker

Cause for removal will include:

Bylaws Section 4.13 - Removal of a Director

1) Conduct deemed unbecoming of a board member, to include: a) Documented acts of physical assault or battery, threats/actions of physical violence, threats/actions against personal property, extortion, and/or the use of coercion against other directors, corporation members and/or employees. b) A documented pattern of abuse of position/authority to include succeeding in obtaining rights, privileges and/or concepts they wish to have or achieve, etc.

Supporting evidence:

-Multiple emails and audio minutes of vulgar language, threats toward other directors and another director's dog.

-Not replying to BOD or park manager emails for voting on issues

-Not typing up the minutes in its entirety or accuracy

7) Tampering with personal files of Directors, RBMC members and/or employees of RBMC. Tampering is defined as: a) The unauthorized removal of such files; b) The unauthorized removal or destruction of items contained in such files; and/or c) Disclosure of personal or financial information contained in such files
Supporting evidence:

-Removal of park recorder with only set of minutes from Sept & Oct meetings that had not been typed up or uploaded to secure server. A set of minutes has to be on park property at all times per our governing documents.

Section 4.12 - Confidences. All business transacted by the Board of Directors pertaining to members and employees personal information shall be held in honorable confidence, except when demanded or required by proper authority. If any officer or employee, in the opinion of the board, is believed to be in violation of this section of these bylaws, that person shall be liable to immediate removal or discharge by a majority vote of the board.

Supporting evidence:

-Not typing up the minutes in its entirety or accuracy and release of executive information on social media. to personal and private pages

Robert's Rules of Order (Latest version= 11th Edition)

Executive Session (per what the Secretary read at Jan 20, 2018 meeting)

... A member of a society can be punished under disciplinary procedure if he violates the secrecy of an executive session. Anyone else permitted to be present is honor-bound not to divulge anything that occurred. The minutes, or record of proceedings, of an executive session must be read and acted upon only in executive session, unless that which would be reported in the minutes-that is, the action taken, as distinct from that which was said in debate-was not secret, or secrecy has been lifted by the assembly. When the minutes of an executive session must be considered for approval at an executive session held solely for that purpose, the brief minutes of the latter meeting are, or are assumed to be, approved by that meeting.

Supporting evidence:

-Releasing of executive information on social media and to other park members on private sites.

Marty Reiker chose not to attend the meeting to voice her defense.
removal of Marty Reiker, with cause. Kathy Sease seconded the motion. Vote by state our names and yay or nay. The vote was unanimous for yay.

As of 9:25 am - Marty Reiker is no longer on the board of directors of RBMC.

Marty Reiker as secretary needs to return any RBMC corporate documents, minutes, records, contracts and anything else that belongs to RBMC. The return needs to be completed by Feb. 11th

John Cress stated we will need to meet for another meeting this week to suggest a candidate to fill the empty position.

Meeting adjourned 9:27 am and seconded.

Chris Miller, Assistant Secretary

Board Appointment ... 11:08 AM Saturday, February 17, 2018.

(Board Appointment) 8:23 AM Sunday, February 18, 2018 ... Wanda Clark ... 11:08 AM Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Appointment confirmed by RBMC three hours later at 11:30 AM

Has the Board made the members vote of 7 directors null and void?

Kathy Sease I have a question.

Six days ago I posted at "Has the Board made the members vote null and void? ... . " ... John Cress stated we will need to meet for another meeting this week to suggest a candidate to fill the empty position."... "fill the empty position". SINGULAR. The Board removed two, and it's a given the third will resign. That is THREE empty positions ... See More

Ron Whittington Resignation


Kolsun messaged a SEATED Director. Time for a NEW Admin. Nice that he/she has the time to establish the precedent EVERY member that has a birthday WILL BE acknowledged. Good grief we need professional management.

  1. SEATED Director replied … Express your concern with the office staff – I see they just posted that
  2. Kolsun messaged a SEATED Director… OK posting it now. There you go. Let the ‘war’ begin.
  3. Kolsun messaged a SEATED Director… Deleted as soon as I posted.
  4. Kolsun messaged a SEATED DirectorRe-posted again.
  5. Seen by SEATED Director at 9:24am
  6. Kolsun messaged a SEATED Director … Deleted again.
  7. Kolsun messaged a SEATED Director … Special treatment??? I suggest I DO get special treatment. Later
  8. SEATED Director replied … that’s a shame


(February 23, 2018) Ray J to be REMOVED from the RBMC Board

I became aware of the upcoming removal of Ray J from the Board two days ago. A trusted friend has just confirmed this "Call For Removal" was indeed happening.

Board ELECTED by general membership (February 24, 2018)

Sue Pendleton Bylaw 4.13 was not properly followed for the removal of 2 BOD nor the WV Code 31E 8-809 and if this was done with legal advisement then how do you expect the members to have any trust in our lawyer or the BOD now in place including appointing another BOD which should only have been done if there was not a quorum of directors which there was. You took away the members right to vote what else will this BOD take from the members. Reference

Big picture

Just the beginning ... demise of RBMC 6:53 PM Sunday, February 25, 2018

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"We now have a President that has absolutely no experience on the board and was not elected." (Past RBMC Director)

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A 'living document"

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