2nd Grade News from Room 219


This week...

we learned more about perimeter, area and fractions in Math. We had fun with our "Bagel" story, not only during Reading, but when we taste-tested bagels and graphed our preferences, too! We are working on a BIG surprise project, so we are busy, busy, busy as usual! :) I can't believe it'll be May when we come back on Monday! (The snow yesterday made it feel like winter again.) We are closing in on those last few weeks of the year.

Reading Buddies

Today was our last time reading to our Kindergarten buddies. (photos above) We've enjoyed this a great deal. We made May Baskets for them this morning, too.


"Where On Earth is my Bagel?" is on the RAH sheet. Enjoy this story! Due next Thursday, May 5th.

Math - fraction work - due Tuesday.

Speak Up is in the Homework Sleeve, too. There WILL be spelling homework one day next week.

Next week ...

Wednesday the 4th is our last 2 hour late start.