The Ritenour Review

2016 - 2017 Third Grade Weekly News


We will take our official tests on Tuesday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 15th. These sessions will be in the morning. Please, ensure your child is here on those days. We have make-up days until the 17th, but after that, your child must take the test during the summer session.

IREAD Content:

  • Beginning, Middle and End sounds in words
  • Parts of a word: suffix, prefix
  • Context clues
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Homophones and Homographs
  • Analogies
  • Reading Comprehension

Last Week

  • Reading: We are comparing characters. We are looking at similarities and differences and looking at several characters. We started the week by comparing characters within the same book. This is easiest. We could find common events to use. Next, we compared our characters from Wonder and picked a character from our independent reads. This provided the perfect amount of a challenge and made for great conversations!
  • Math: We learned about liquid volume. The class learned a BIG lesson on accuracy. We played around with estimating volumes and then solving for the exact volume. Our answers were wildly different, even though we all used the same container. We talked a lot about standard measuring tools and how we need to be precise with those tools.
  • Social Studies: We built imaginary budgets. It was fun to see them talk about everything they wanted on the list, but quickly realized, money only goes so far.

Next Week

Coming up next week:

Language Arts: Comparing Characters: Book Characters to Ourselves! We will have our Character Studies Unit assessment this Friday. It is not anything your child needs to study for this week. I will give them a short story to read and I cannot wait to see how they apply the lessons we've been talking about this quarter.

Math: Fractions and Volume

Word Study: We will start our sorts again! The class will be in different spelling groups again and will practice words within their spelling range. Look for those sorts tomorrow!

Social Studies: Economics!

Special's Schedule

  • Monday: Art
  • Tuesday: Wellness **bring/wear tennis shoes
  • Wednesday: STEM
  • Thursday: Music
  • Friday: Library

Upcoming Dates!

March 14th & 15th - IREAD-3 testing

March 14th - Jessica Lahey presentation (Zionsville Performing Arts Center 6:00 PM)

March 17th - Yearbook order forms due

March 20th-23rd - BME Book Fair (M 8:30-4; T 8:30-5:30; W-8:30-4 & 6-7:30; Th 8:30-3)

March 22nd - Family Wellness Night 6-7:30

March 24th - School Dress-Up: Favorite Pro or College Sports Team

March 28th - Kindergarten Round Up (click here for more info)

March 31th - April 9th - Spring Break!

Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books for your child through scholastic's website, please click on the link above. Checks can still be sent to the classroom and I will mail the orders.