Events in 1913

By:Thomas O'Flynn

Post Office Parcels

In 1913, the American postal service was starting to do postal services for stores. In a farmhouse, the store catalog was almost as important as the bible! The effect of this was that stores tripled there revenues.

The Uruguayan Air Force

The Uruguayan air force was founded on March 17, 1913. It has only done a few small changes since it was established. It got its first jets in 1955-1958

The SS Imperator

This german passenger ship was the biggest ship since 1914. It had a gold eagle on the front. On the test day the engine room had a flash fire. After they put it out, they drove it right back to the harbor and fixed the problem.

1st Prize inserted into a Cracker Jacks Box.

On February 19, 1913, the first prize ever inserted into a cracker jack box was opened, although the father of the kid who got the prize was arrested for child abuse. The prize was a baseball card.

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