Greece, Europe

By: Payton Hartman

Place - What is it like in Greece?

In Greece it is surrounded by water which makes it easy to go boating or go to the beach! Greece is home to many ancient ruins (You can see a picture of one below). In Greece its very warm and rarely cold, the average climate is 65'f to 70'f. The language they speak in Greece is Greek and their religion is Greek Orthodox.

Location - Where is Greece Located?

Greece is located south of Bulgaria and Albania, west of Turkey and north of Africa. The longitude and Latitude of Greece is 39' N, and 22' E.

Human-Environment Interaction - How do people in Greece interact with the world around them?

The people in Greece don't wear winter coats or gloves and hats. They wear summer clothing! T-shirts, shorts, and sandals/flip-flops. Even when the tropical rain comes it's more of hot rain than cold rain in the northern area of Europe.

Movement - Why do people move to and from Greece?

People are pulled to Greece because of how beautiful it is. Many tourists come and go from Greece and some even stay! Of course they have to adapt to the different languages some people there speak but most speak English.

Region - How is Greece similar to areas around it?

Greece, like most of Europe it has hot warm weather all year round. It is also found in the southern most part of Europe. Greece is mostly heavily populated, except for some of the more dirty areas in the slums.