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New MMH Google Student Worksheets & 2nd-12th Pre/Post-Tests

Due to the overwhelming number of teachers using the Google Classroom platform, the Michigan Model for Health™ Program has converted its PDF student worksheets into fillable Google Forms or Google Documents to make it easier for teachers to access and use for in-person and online health instruction with students. The Pre/Post-Tests for grade 2nd-12th are also available in Google Forms.

Teachers and educators who have been trained to use the MMH curriculum can receive access to Google Resource Links for Teachers by contacting the following program partners:

Google Student Worksheets for the High School Skills for Health and Life, MMH Middle School modules, and grades 1st-4th have been completed and are available. MMH trained teachers in these grades may sign up anytime to receive access to the Google Student Worksheets and Pre/Post-Tests.

Collaboration vs Personal Privacy

The MMH Google student worksheets and pre/post-tests can include first name, last name and lesson questions based on the lesson plan for a health education topic. Because these Google Forms and Documents can be used to collect personal information online, it carries certain privacy concerns and security risks.

Students are encouraged to openly discuss health concepts and ideas. They are also encouraged to share with others their thinking after completing many of the worksheets. At the same time, health can be a personal or sensitive topic. Consequently, there are times when it is recommended that students keep their responses private. If the lesson instructions suggest the sharing of a worksheet and you deem it best to keep the responses anonymous, consider assigning numbers to each student. Have them use their number rather than their name to identify their responses. Students can then share their responses without being identified.

Teachers and educators who use the MMH Google student worksheets and pre/post-tests must follow their school and/or school district privacy and security policies as well as federal, state and local government regulations to protect student data that is collected while using these online forms for health classes, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Guidelines to Using MMH Google Student Worksheets & Pre/Post-Tests

Teachers and educators should follow these guidelines for using the MMH Google student worksheets and Pre/Post-Tests:

  1. Do not manipulate form(s) or document(s) by changing the verbiage for instructions or questions.

  2. Do not distribute these forms or documents beyond their intended use with student and within the classroom

  3. Do not share student data responses.

  4. Delete the student data after using the form(s) or document(s) (Delete the worksheet form data, sheet or document after the completion of the health lesson, class, school term or school year whichever duration is most appropriate.).

  5. Do not allow students to save a copy of the Google Form(s).

  6. Do not add an email field to the Google Form(s) so students cannot email themselves a copy of the form submission.

Want access to the MMH Google Resource Links for Teachers?

MMH Google Resource Links Agreement Form

MMH trained teachers who would like access to their grade level google files, will need to review, agree to the acknowledgements, and share their contact information in this form.

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