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Coach Lewis~ Physics 2015-16

Dear Parents,

I hope that everyone's Spring Break gave them the R&R needed to push through the end of the year!!! We are now finding ourselves beginning the last grading cycle. As many of you know, this also means that I am expecting a bouncing baby boy next week! This Thursday will be my last day in class for awhile; however, if everything goes to plan I intend to be back the last couple of weeks of school!

Mrs. Teltow will be taking care of the class while I am away and I am very confident that she will not miss a stride in transitioning your students. She is aware of the expectations that have been put in place in the class and I have put lesson plans in place to help her out to ensure that the class dynamics stay the same as much as possible.

So to address the questions I know you probably have:

  • Grades: Grading procedures will still be the same. Since I will not be in the classroom, Mrs. Teltow has graciously offered to help me get the grading complete so that she can stay in the loop of where the students need extra help or work. With that being said, I will be receiving the grades from Mrs. Teltow to enter into the online gradebook so I can also stay in the loop. I ask for a little patience with this as there may be a lag in getting grades entered (especially at first). However, they should be able to see the grades in class much sooner.
  • Absences: Since I will not be here, it is going to be more difficult for me to stay on top of students work from missing class. Please help them remember that once they return they have one day to make up missing work and then the same expectations are in place as for late work. If you are wondering why students grades are low, it is very possible that they are losing points due to turning work in late.
  • Tutorials: The students need to ensure that they are staying on top of their grades. If they need tutorials please have them discuss this with Mrs. Teltow and plan accordingly.
  • Communication: I will still be available through my email so if there is any question or concern please feel free to contact me. However, know that I may not respond as quickly as I do now as I do not plan on having my computer and phone on me constantly. It may take me longer than 24 hours to respond. This is not because I am ignoring you, it is just because I haven't checked my email!

Your students have made some great progress this year and I am seeing growth on a daily basis. I am so proud of them and all of their hard work. Please continue to support them on their road to success and please let me know if you have any questions!

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