Real Estate Agent- My Future Career

By: Julissa Rivera


Growing up I've always moved a lot and I loved looking at homes. I've always imagined myself selling homes. I love to help others and being a real estate agent is a job where I can help others. I know that selling homes is not an easy job but that's the point. I don't want an easy job, I want to work hard to achieve success. There's beautiful homes out there waiting to be bought. I WANT to sell those beautiful homes with an amazing view.

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Real estate agents assist people through the process of buying, selling and renting land, homes and other properties.
  • Completing, submitting and filing real estate documents, agreements and lease records
  • Creating and distributing flyers, newsletters and other promotional materials
  • Creating and implementing paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence and other material
Work Environment

  • The real estate agent working environment can be a frantic, fast paced, and edgy career.