Alonzo and Audra

They're the Best, Forget the Rest

Vote for Alonzo and Audra to Represent You

You should vote for Alonzo and Audra to represent you because they are completely serious about their jobs if they become president and vice president (yeah, right, whatever.) They are funny, nice and everything in between. So be smart, and vote for Audra and Alonzo!

What they promise to do for students

They promise to have more dances, open gyms, and movie nights. They hope to have 4 dances, plus the 8th grade graduation dance, an open gym at the end of every month, and three movie nights over the course of the school year 2016-2017. Alonzo and Audra are open to suggestions for themes for dances, what movies to watch, and what should happen at the open gyms. Feel free to tell them about your ideas. Keep in mind only eligible students are allowed to attend these events.

Guaranteed to Represent Students Well!