Ray Ban Glasses

By: Eddie Freidel

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Well maybe you should go visit your local eye glass doctor or a grocery store with glasses.

Ray Ban's Timeline

Ray Ban glasses was invented in 1937, by the company of Bausch and Lomb. The first Ray Ban's were made for the U.S. Army Air Corp. Ray Ban took out the Patent for there "Aviator" sunglasses. Do you know where Aviator sunglasses got their name? Well, There you go, from Ray Ban.

ray ban's Timeline

Ray Ban got really popular when Tom Cruise wore them in the movie, Risky Business. Ray Ban's were worn by some of the most popular people in the world during the eighties, like Michael Jackson, members of the Band U2, and many others.

Ray ban's timeline

After taking out the original Aviator Ray Ban's they brought it back in 2007, this time with a lot more color options. In 2013 I would be getting my first pair of Ray Ban's myself. Scan the QR code to get to Basch and Lomb's Website.
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Ray Ban's Today

Ray Ban is one of the most popular eye glass brands ever to exist. Almost all the stores I go to the cashier will compliment on my glasses. So when your eyes get bad, I suggest getting Ray Ban's.

Below is the location of the nearest store and the ray ban website. QR code is my works cited page