Fesival, Daily life, Witches, and Soccer team


Bruha is the Mexican word for witches. The town is called Guanajuato and that's where people see them. On the internet there are estimated to be about 2 witches there. In the town kids sometimes go missing. My cousin the town said he saw a witch in a abandoned house. He now has now bars on his windows and he barley goes outside. Here's a video of a witch in the town.
La bruja de Calacoaya

Soccer team

Mexico has many soccer teams. Mexico has exactly 297 proffesional teams. There main team is in a town called Guadalajara. The tam is called Chivas. There symbol has a goat on it. My uncle plays on the soccer team. The best player on the tem is named Chicharito Hernandez. He is mvp. There is a song about him and goes like "Hey ho Chicharito, he costs 6 mill in México, He's always off sides when he scores a goal, He's better than ... Aguero.
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Daily life

In Mexico you can be really poor but its ok because you have family and friends with you all the time. The reason I loved Mexico so much was because you don't get huge family reunions. Its so priceless. And since every one doesn't have that much money you go outside and play all day long. 42.6 percent of México is poor. And that 46.2 percent that's poor has a priceless day WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY, AND WITH THEIR FAMILY.
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Dia de los muertos

Dia de los muertos is a word that means Day of the Dead. This day is for all the relatives that have passed. There is a movie about day of the dead called "The book of life". It is a movie where a son loses his mom and dies for a girl he loves. Anyways, you can only have candles and you eat bread. You stay late and pray to your family. Quick fact : Mexico is the most religious country in the world.
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