8th Grade Promotion Ceremony!

An in-person promotion will be held June 10, 9:00 a.m.

The purpose of this flyer is to provide all the necessary guidance in order to conduct a safe promotion ceremony in accordance with the California Department of Public Health.

The promotion ceremony will be held on the TBMS Track.

Please review the entire flyer for all relevant information regarding the promotion ceremony.

Overview of the promotion ceremony and safety guidelines

  • The promotion ceremony will be held on the TBMS track and will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday June 10th.

  • The parent entrance and exit point will be the gate on the west end of the parking lot adjacent to the track.

  • All other gates to the track will be locked.

  • The gate by the softball fields/Wilson Park will be locked.

  • The front gates of the school will be closed/locked. School is in session this day.

  • With the exception of the promotion ceremony at the track, parents/families and InterConnect students are not permitted on campus. School is in session.

  • Two wristbands will be issued to each promoting student for their guests.

  • We are not able to issue more than 2 wristbands. No exceptions.

  • We will not replace lost, stolen, or damaged wristbands. Take care!

  • Audience viewing areas will be marked, with readily identifiable flags to indicate where to stand/sit as well as to reinforce 6 feet distancing.

  • All attendees must wear masks as per CDPH Face Coverings Guidance and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other attendees at all times, other than with household members such as those you arrived to the promotion ceremony with.

  • Attendance is limited to school staff, promoting students, household members (2) and family members.

  • Attendees must have a wristband to be in the viewing area. No exceptions.

  • Persons who are particularly vulnerable to COVID 19 (e.g., due to age or underlying conditions) are discouraged from attending.

  • Individuals who are sick or in isolation or quarantine must remain at home.

Students may only invite 2 guests (This is the process for in-person students)

Each promoting student will be issued 2 wristbands. The wristbands for our in-person students will be distributed at school and I will notify parents as to the date we will pass these out to the students. A wristband must be worn to gain entrance to the promotion ceremony. We are not physically able to accommodate more than 2 guests per promoting student. The only exception to the 2-guest limit will be children 4 years old and under.

You must take care of these two wristbands. We will not issue replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged wristbands.

Wristbands not required for children 4 years old and under

Wristband process for Distance Learners (InterConnect)

I will be sending a form/survey out to all the families of our Distance Learners that will outline the process for obtaining the 2 wristbands for your promoting student.

Time frames

  • The gate will be open by 7:45 a.m. for guests.
  • Distance Learners must be in line at the rolling gate no later than 8:45. We will rehearse this process on Wednesday June 9.
  • The ceremony will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Where do guests enter/exit?

The entrance/exit for all guests, and Distance Learners, will be the gate at the west end of the visitor parking lot. This will be the only gate open. I included a picture below.
Big picture

Guest seating and viewing

  • TBMS will not be providing chairs for guests. If you would like to be seated for the ceremony, you will need to bring your own chair.
  • No blanket reservations or group areas.
  • Due to the 6 feet distancing requirement, we will not be able to accommodate shade structures, umbrellas, pop ups, etc. Please come prepared to deal with the elements. The morning sun in June can be intense!
  • We will mark sections to help attendees understand what 6 feet looks like. This will be done with small flags and will indicate that people should stand by the flags to remain 6 feet from other guests.

  • The promotion ceremony at the track is wheelchair accessible.

Individual control measures and screening

  • All attendees must wear masks as per CDPH Face Coverings Guidance and maintain distance of at least 6 feet from other attendees at all times, other than with household members.

  • All attendees should be screened or self-screen for fever and COVID 19 symptoms before leaving home for the event.

  • If promoting students, staff, or attendees are feeling ill, have symptoms of COVID 19, or potentially been exposed to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID 19, should not attend the promotion ceremony.

Promotion Pictures and video

Bill Smith Photography is scheduled to video our promotion ceremony and we will post the video on our website. We will not be livestreaming the ceremony.

Bill Smith Photography is also scheduled to photograph the promotion ceremony will also be taking promotion pictures.

  • The promotion pictures will be an individual diploma shot after crossing the stage.

Upon completion of the promotion ceremony, we will clear the area in a predetermined order. There will not be an opportunity for pictures/celebrations on the track.

  1. Guests will exit the field through same gate in which they entered.
  2. In-person students will be escorted back to their classrooms.
  3. Distance learners will be issued their promotion certificates and then exit the field through the same gate in which they entered, after the first two groups have cleared the field

Early check out process for the in-person promoting students.

We understand that promotion day is a day of celebration with families and students. Part of that celebration traditionally has begun with promoting students being checked out of school early to participate in off campus celebrations. Due to the CDPH guidelines, the early checkout process will look a little different than normal:

  • After the promotion ceremony, we will have a table set up in front of the school by the band room. This will be where parents will check out their promoting 8th grader.
  • Parents will sign their student/s out at the gate.
  • We will notify your student's classroom and have him/her sent to the gate at which point you will be expected to exit the parking area.