School Sports Gender Inclusion

Don't Hate, Don't Separate!

Destroyed Dreams

There are girls everywhere who want to play sports with the boys. But many can't. Some coaches refuse to have girls on their team just because of their gender. While the guys play football and hockey, the girls stand on the sides cheerleading.

Title IX

Title IX is a document that was signed by President Richard Nixon during his term in 1972. This document was supposed to let all girls play on boys teams. Progress has definitely been made, but school sports teams are still separated by gender. You should be able to tell that Title IX still needs work because many people have never heard of it. We should at least find ways to fix this issue in the United States, for we have the power to be inclusive.

Separation and Inclusion...

Separation- Why it Happens

Peer Expectation

Not everything is the coach's fault. Some things are chosen by the students, even if they truly do not want to play the sport. Their peers might think that a certain way is normal, and the student wants to please them, or not be considered, "weird." More boys follow peer expectations because typically, boys are known to play rough sports. If they don't, they might appear weak to others. But when a girl tries to play a rough sport, at least some people cheer her on.

Coach Refusal

As I mentioned earlier, some of the gender separation in sports is influenced by the coach of the team. They could have reasoning to it, but I think equality is very important, even in small school sports programs. It is unfair to leave people out of anything. Coaches can turn down anyone that doesn't meet their requirements or standards.

The video below shows what could happen if a girl joins a boys football team....

Sam Gordon

Samantha Gordon is a nine year old girl who is in love with football. Many people probably look at her and think, "Oh, what a cute little girl." Then they see her crush the boys in football. Sam Gordon is a great example of why both girls and boys should be able to integrate their sports teams.


School sports are games most teens like to play. Especially middle school and high school teens. Sports are distractions from the homework and pressure of school, and some sports teams refuse to have people on their team just because of their gender. I think all students shall play whatever sport they want no matter shape, size, color, or gender. The only exception would be if their grades were dropping because of sports.

In most schools, the guys play the rough and tough sports, like football, and the girls either play volleyball, perform cheerleading, or don’t play a sport at all. Some of those scenarios are sensible student choices. Others are from cruel, heartbreaking discrimination by strict coaches or bullies.

People should think of Sam Gordon, the nine year old girl who crushed boys in football. She didn’t need tricks to beat them, for she had plain skill. This shows girls can be just as good as guys. But that doesn’t mean boys aren’t as good at playing sports as girls. They may be different, but both genders have skills. When they work as a team, they combine strength and speed to be sure to win. Also, if everyone played at least one sport, boys and girls could all improve hand/eye coordination, strength, and flexibility.

I know some people are critics, and they always find something wrong with different situations. Those people probably would predict that girls are weak, or not hardworking. But if girls were weak, wouldn’t they have already given in to not playing? That goes for being hardworking, too. Also, little Samantha Gordon showed many people that girls aren’t always weak.

Although people are constantly trying to prove people that girls are not physically strong enough to play sports, girls are constantly firing back. They try as hard as they can to show anyone who doubts them that they can do whatever they want. Eventually, people will believe them, and girls will be allowed to play with the boys if they choose to. This proves that when you have the motive to do something, anything is possible.


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