Red Cross

By: Taylor and Ethan

How did it all start?

In 1818 there were 1500 soldiers that were wound and Carla Barton helped the soldiers by donating blood

Who all started the Red Cross?

Carla Barton

When was she born?

She was born in December 25 1821 and died in April 12 1912 and she was 90

The people in here family:

Sally Barton vassal

Capt. David Barton

How does the foundation help the community?

The Red Cross helps the community by donating blood to people that have been in a car accident so they can get more blood or to people who have lost a lot of blood or some other bad thing.

Carla Barton Brothers name is?

Carla barten's brother is Stephen Barton

Carla Barton sisters are:

Sally Barton and Dorothea Barton
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