Bonuses + Lifetime Monthly Residuals
As a Referral Agent, you simply refer businesses that are interested in the Cash Back Merchant Account Program to the North American Bancard (NAB) account analyst team using your assigned MRP promo code. For each business you refer that activates a MatchRate PLUS merchant account, you receive a one-time $50 activation bonus plus a monthly residual commission equal to 5% -17.5% for the life of the account. You also receive an additional one-time $500production bonus for every 5 activated accounts you refer. Once you have referred 5 activated accounts you are elevated to the Pay Grade 3+ commission level. From this point forward, you receive a $100 activation bonus plus a 25%residual commission for every new activated account you refer.

It's 100% FREE to Become a Referral Agent
There is no cost to become a MatchRate PLUS (MRP) Referral Agent and it takes just minutes to complete the online Referral Agent registration form. Once registered, you will receive a MRP promo code, customized web site URLs and access to the FREE online Agent Portal training videos.

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