SETH PUCKETT 3/4 period Mrs.low

Analysis of Theme Development

In the book Freak the Mighty, characters and setting interact to create the theme. When Max puts Freak on his shoulders to see the fireworks at the pond, the characters and setting are affecting each other. This event shows the theme: If people are in trouble, help them out. When they help each other to escape from Tony D. When max helps freak get Loretta lees purse out of the sewer. I liked it when freak helps max get max from Killer Kane. When freak helps max to read the king author book and others.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme. The author explain the story well. The theme is relevant to my generation. People even thought you don't know them, need help. like the kids with growing problems like freaks. The author has a good imagination to make this good of a book. I think the theme had a really good setting to it. I think the theme is the best part in all books.

Visual Representations of Theme


So in a world when two friend meet. One has a dad in prison but the other has a dad that left at a young age in his life. And to make it worst he has a sickness. Can max help his friend or will he die young. So you may never know read the awesome book freak the mighty. But there is a book two to this fantastic journey. FTM