Malta and the EU

The EU and before

Malta is a island located in Southern Europe and is located just south of Sicily. Malta was not a founder of the EU, but it was added to the EU in May 2004. Before the EU was even created, Malta was controlled by Great Britain.

The Malta Flag

The Malta flag was recently adopted on September 21, 1946. It's national colors(red and white) were chosen in 1090, and the cross in the top left was gifted during WWII for the Malteses bravery.

Cities and tourism

Malta, being the small island it is, actually has a lot of cities. Some of its most major cities consist of Qormi, Sliema, Hamrun, and Birkirkara. There's not a lot of tourist attractions here in Malta, but one of the few is the Hagar Qim temple complex. The complex is full of historic temples and amazing sightseeing locations.

Geography and Government

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has mountain ranges such as The Dingi Cliffs and nadari mountain ranges. Malta has a republic government and is kind of similar to our government. Their current currency is the Euro. Before the Euro, the Maltese use the Maltese lira.

Interesting facts

  • The Maltese drive on the left side of the road
  • The official languages are English and maltesese
  • Hagar Qim is the most preserved temple in Malta


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