Midwest Culture

By: Anna Tyler And Sawyer Kelly

What Food Did The Midwest Culture Give Us,and What state didi they origanate in?

  1. Juneberry Pie =North Dakota
  2. Cincinnati Style chilli =Cincinnati
  3. Kansas zwiebach =Kansas
  4. Michigan pasties =Michigan
  5. Knoephla =Dakotas
  6. Gooey Butter cake =St. Louis
  7. Peach Kuchen =South Dakota
  8. Missouri toasted Ravioli =Missouri
  9. Kansas City barbecue =Kansas City
  10. Indiana Sugar cream pie =Indiana
  11. North Dakota chippers =North Dakota
  12. Dutch letters =Iowa
  13. Wisconsin supper clubs =Wisconsin
  14. persimmon pudding =Southern Indiana
  15. Loose meat sandwich =Iowa

What dances did the Midwest Culture provide us, and Where did they originate

  1. Polka Dance =Midwest Region
  2. Boogalo Dance =Midwest Region or New York?

holidays origanated in the midwest

surprisingly there is only one holiday originated in the Midwest and that holiday is called... Sweetest Day

  • Sweetest day is always on a Saturday
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