July TBO Newsletter

"Talk slow, talk slow and don't say too much"

Quality Control

"Our Mod girl just wants to be stain free"

The most consistent issue this month was stains. Our load for the month of July was very light. No reported fit issues for this month.

The biggest offender for the month of July is Commetoi/Stitchwise, Inc.

Vendor Relations

June VP Recap - 28 Total VP's

3 Biggest Categories:

  • Short Shipments - 10
  • Stains - 7
  • Unreceivables (Cancelled PLAN lines, Wrong Size Runs) - 5

Receiving VP's: May - July

Interestingly, for our lowest month so far for VP’s, we had 2 categories that were above the other months. We had more compliance issues and unreceivable styles this month than either of the two previous months.

Quality VP's: May - July

We had only 7 quality VP’s in July, and they were all stains.

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